Pregnancy Yoga event at Seraphine Kensington

Thank you to the lovely group of mums and bumps who joined us, two weeks ago for some pregnancy yoga at the Seraphine store in Kensington.

We were joined by Libby Stevenson, who is a Certified Pregnancy and Post Natal Yoga Teacher and is Yoga Alliance Registered.

The Pregnancy Yoga Event combined yoga with the creative process allowing participants to explore feelings and emotions surrounding pregnancy and impending motherhood.  

During the session, participants were able to take a closer look at their pregnancy journey so far by engaging in mindfulness, visualizations, hand gestures and yoga. The mindfulness and the visualizations engaged the right side of the brain where emotions are stored and, thereby, allowed their expression.  The yoga connected the participants to their bodies with movements (1) they can use to help relieve common pregnancy symptoms and (2) that can be used to help them give birth. Participants learned a breathing technique to help them manage the pain and stress that can occur when giving birth.

There was also an introduction on how the first three months after the birth is a critical time for the mother’s health and wellbeing.  Participants were provided with a list of resources they could refer to if they needed more information.

All the participants took home a goody bag graciously provided by Seraphine.

This event was more than just a yoga class.  During this event, all mothers engaged in group discussions and experiential activities that  allowed everyone to explore our feelings and our emotions surrounding different stages of pregnancy. This was also a great opportunity to meet and mingle with mums-to-be in the area of Kensington. What Kensington Mums is so passionate about.

Enjoy browsing through some images from the day.

We look forwards in seeing you at our upcoming event on 25th of October at our Half term Party with Trotters in Kensington.