Why Exercise and Keeping Active is Vital for Babies and Children?

Exercise and Active Play is an essential habit to instil, practice and normalise into a child from a really young age. Not only will a child benefit physically, she or he will also thrive emotionally, socially and cognitively. By bringing exercise into play at the early stages of development and throughout, we are minimising stress levels within the body, and encouraging a more balanced, healthy and active lifestyle.

My Gym’s Top 5 Reasons that Kids should be Active

1. Healthy Kids = Healthy Adults

Not only are physically active children less likely to be overweight, they will have stronger muscles and bones, and lower cholesterol and blood pressures. They also have a decreased risk of developing diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

2. Happier, and more Rested

Exercise increases blood flow around the body, hence getting more oxygen and nutrients to the brain and other vital organs. It releases endorphins which in turn makes the child feel happier and more energised. It can also improve memory, decrease anxiety and depression, and help them to sleep.

3. Growth in Confidence & Social Skills

When participating in group sports or classes they’re not only getting exercise – they’re picking up social cues. They are learning how to work together, building confidence and friendships. Physical fitness, and a feeling of accomplishment can boost also children’s self-esteem, and build their characteristics.

4. Everyday Tasks become Easier

The development of crucial skills such as fine and gross motor skills, coordination, balance and stability determine a child’s ability to perform everyday activities such as doing up their buttons or shoelaces, using a knife, fork and scissors. Active play enhances these skills and allows them to grow and develop at a more confident, fast pace.

5. They will be more successful at School

A lack of core strength, endurance and muscle tone can affect a child’s stability making it a chore to sit up straight for long periods of time. In addition, a lack of fine motor skills and coordination can make writing challenging as well. Focussing too hard on these everyday tasks can be tiring and frustrating for a child and can have a knock on effect on their behaviour, and their attention span at school.

So how do we incorporate exercise into our children’s daily routine?

Get children away from the screen and off the sofa, make “exercise” fun, get the whole family involved and get creative! For babies and older kids we recommend doing group

classes, and practicing what you learn at home and in the garden. Incorporate being active into your daily schedule, go for a walk, have a dance party in the living room, act our your favourite story before bed. There’s never been a more important time than now.

Why My Gym?

We believe in the notion of “Fitness Made Fun”. The My Gym space has been designed to encourage kids to move. Each week the custom-made equipment is set up in new and exciting ways to keep kids of all ages challenged, and encourage them to think about how to move around the space.

Every class, party and camp has been specially planned to ensure that the children are working on their key development points, and skills such as fine & gross motor skills, coordination and spatial awareness are incorporated into every session.

Enrolment in classes also includes 4 Practice & Play Sessions a week which means that you could come and visit your favourite teachers 5 times a week! And you know that little one is one step closer towards the NHS recommended minimum of 3 hours of energetic activity each day!

It’s time to take action, it’s time to shape your child’s future and the time is NOW!

This is a sponsored post by My Gym Battersea, check their website for full schedule fo classes and offers.