When to take your child to see an orthodontist?

With the new generation of early orthodontic treatments at Happy Kids Dental, today’s
children can reduce or avoid the need for braces as teenagers.

Playground politics is the bane of the modern mother – so if you hear a parent mentioning
they’re taking their little one to an orthodontist at age 7, you’d be forgiven for thinking
they’re just being competitive. But modern teeth straightening, or early orthodontics, is one subject that actually has substance – meaning that bulky metal braces are no longer an inevitable fate for our kids.

Staging an intervention

Taking advantage of the latest dental technologies, early orthodontic treatment is a holistic
approach that takes advantage of a child’s jaw while it is still soft and pliable. With an
orthodontic assessment at around the age of 7, any developmental issues can be flagged
and a plan can be put in place immediately, rather than waiting until the optimum age for
fixed braces. This approach reduces or eliminates the need for heavy-duty metal braces in
later years. Logical and gentle, it’s the future of orthodontics!

Finding the right dentist

Early orthodontic treatment is not widely available at general dental practices, but at Happy
Kids Dental[link: www.happykidsdental.co.uk] in London, it comes as standard from a team
that includes consultants and specialists in orthodontics and paediatric dentistry. Treatment
can range from help with habits such as thumb-sucking to devices that correct the position
of the tongue, or create or maintain space for adult teeth to emerge in the right place. The
practice is also one of the first in the UK to offer Invisalign First. Designed expressly for
children with a mixture of baby and adult teeth, the US-pioneered system of removable
clear aligners doesn’t impact on children’s ability to eat or clean their teeth. Convenient and
barely visible in the mouth, Invisalign First is a great confidence-booster, too.

Creating positive experiences

The great thing about Happy Kids Dental is that whatever treatment your family needs, you
can guarantee it will actually be a fun and positive experience. The owners have built their
practice to appeal to young minds, with jungle-themed, interactive play areas, a highly
qualified team who welcome nervous and special needs patients, and a raft of technologies
that make treatment comfortable and fast – even for parents! The broad range of specialist
treatments under one roof means that the practice can support families as they grow,
creating healthy, happy smiles for life.

Want to take your child to the orthodontist? Get an early orthodontic assessment for just
£50 (usual price £100) at Happy Kids Dental when you book a new patient consultation.
Call 020 7078 0822 and quote EARLYORTHO50%.
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