How to Get your beach bum and Tum booming for the summer 

We are proud to share with you our newest contributor Dan Chapman who is a Fat loss Coach, motivator and body sculptor with over 20 years in the fitness industry helping men and women achieve a better body and more balance in life. It’s not to any surprise that Dan became the GO-TO trainer for the Primrose hill sector.  Dan Looked after many VIP’s in the fashion and media world keeping them looking their best and fit for the red carpet . Names such as Kate Moss, Sadie Frost , Kimberly Stewart , Katy England , Fran Cutler , James Galvin to name just a few.  Dan’s core client base were mainly busy Mums of all ages wanting to get their bodies back in shape after giving birth.  Today he shares with us some useful tips on how to get your beach bum and tum ready for the summer. The sessions can be held at your local gym, at home or in the park.
So all of a sudden It’s June , and it’s time to wear less and reveal more flesh and the holiday is weeks away and you’re thinking hell no! Not with those thighs and squishy tummy.  But worry not.  It’s only March and you have time . Phew…
Have you ever heard the saying a summer body is made in the winter? Well it’s true.  Quite simply if you want to avoid the pre summer panic and be on that beech with a flat tummy and toned thighs then starting a healthy workout and eating plan earlier on in the year is a must .
Get started immediately on my fantastic 4 top tips for a year round bikini body your friends would be well-jel of 🙂

1) Prioritise your bum thighs and tummy 
You all know that the main body parts you want to see tighter and more toned in your bikini and summer clothes are your bum thighs and of course tummy. Apart from the obvious benefits of working on all of these areas there is also the fact that working your lower body burns serious calories due to the fact it’s the largest muscle group on your body and therefore means you exert more energy meaning you’ll burn more fat.
Check out these killer bodyweight moves you can use straight away in your workout and can be done anywhere.  Add extra resistance with dumbbells if needed . Perform exercises for reps or for time . Ie 15-20reps for 3 sets or for 45 seconds with a 15 seconds rest in between each set
Standing tall with your feet in a split stance position one leg in front and the other about 4 feet behind. Bend your leading leg and back leg at the knees so both are at a 90 degree angle, now explosively jump up and switch feet to the opposite position landing both at same time. Absorb into the lunge position but before switching again you will perform (one) half repetition pulse in the low position of the lunge, this creates more tension in the muscle. you will then repeat the jump switch sequence continuously alternating.
BRIDGE HOLD WALK-OUTS (Bum/Hamstrings/Core
Lying flat on your back palms down by your side and knees bent feet flat on floor . Slowly raise your bum and hips up into a bridge . Bracing your glutes and core start to walk your feet all the way out while in the bridge position. Legs will now be straight resting on heals and you will feel your hamstrings, glutes and core engaged. Now walk feet back on your heals toward you flexing hamstrings all the way. Keep on bridge position without dropping. Repeat sequence 
HIGH STEP-UPS (Bum/Thighs)
Stand facing a high bench or sturdy chair. Step left foot up and keep right front thigh close to bench. Drop right leg knee down low so you are in a deep stretch position. Now drive through heal of the left leg up until you are standing on the bench. Drop right leg back down and repeat . Switch legs once left side has completed 15 reps or 45 seconds 
SUPERWOMAN CRUNCH (core/Abdominals)
Lying flat on your back with your feet apart placed flat on the floor or against a wall or anchored under a sofa . Make sure both arms are straight reaching toward the ceiling. Bracing your core reach your hands straight up coming up into a sit up position. Your arms are vertical beside your ears. Now slowly and gradually return controlling down keeping your abdominal muscles tight and your core braced for a count of 3-4. Return down and repeat 

2)Reduce alcohol consumption 
Yes alcohol in any form is the mother of all bummers when it comes to wanting a toned tum or bum. Putting it simply regular or excessive alcohol can significantly hinder your weight loss efforts. It’s not just the alcohol it’s also the calorific sugary mixers that add to the mix. It’s possible you could be consuming a massive 300-400 calories from just one fancy cocktail. This will In turn spike your insulin levels and lead to more fat gain. This will prevent you from getting a leaner look and make you look softer . You can of course help avoid this by cutting down the amount you drink and ultimately stopping. A glass of red here and there won’t hurt so it’s not all doom and gloom 🙂 
3)Consume more water 
Not drinking enough water can actually make you hold onto water (water retention) which in turn makes you look less defined and bloated not to mention the fact it can effect your performance energy levels and brain function So how much should you drink? Typically 150lb /68kg women would need to drink about 2-4 Ltrs a day if wanting  to improve all of the above . If you’re not used to drinking water and find it hard just try having a glass every hour or so until you can build it up or buy yourself a water bottle and make sure you fill it up every morning , and remember , the more water you drink the more likely you are to achieve a leaner look 
4) interval training for faster fat loss 
if you enjoy long duration low intensity cardio like running or cycling why not try intervals to really rev up the metabolism and burn serious fat . It’s also proven to really help tone and lean up your thighs too so it’s definitely something you should try if leaner legs is your goal . A simple interval structure would be a work phase and active rest phase. its up to you the length of the intervals. i suggest Trying both short high intensity work phases and longer low intensity active rest phases, For example a 20 second sprint and a 60-120 second active rest period at a low intensity. . At first set your timer for 15 minutes and try completing as many sprint /jog sequences as you can.  You can slowly build this up over a period of time until you complete a full 30 min interval workout.  You can perform these outdoors or on a treadmill.  Most importantly have fun and see what works for you
Note : Remember that reaching any fitness goal requires a balance of healthy food choices along with regular exercise.

This contributing article is by Dan Chapman, make sure you follow him on Instagram.
Location: Holland Park