Fun Things to do at home this Summer

With summer holidays and only some summer camps opening due to the pandemic we are looking for some fun things to do at home with the kids this summer. As a community, we are in this together. Kensington Mums have compiled a list of our 10  favourite things to do with the kids to help pass the next 11 weeks. Let us make memories in summer 2020 and enjoy the simple joys in life.

  1. Learn music online with international opera singer

Juliet Petrus is an international opera singer and equally passionate music and foreign language mentor living in West London. Information about her teaching can be found on her website. am currently teaching voice, viola, piano, as well as Italian, German, Mandarin and English as a second language. Juliet’s experience is of performing all over the world, living and working in a variety of languages and cultures this has provided her with a unique perspective as an educator. Juliet is excited to be able to open up more slots in her music and language studio online, inviting students of all ages and levels to explore with her. She offers one-on-one instruction in music and is also able to form small group classes for her foreign language instruction.

2. Online Creative Babysitting sessions with ToddlerTunez

ToddlerTunez offers artistic and creative day and night time babysitting sessions for 0 – 15 year olds in the safe environment of your own home. Even though its summer holidays some parents may still be trying to work from home. ToddlerTunez offers professional sitters in their artistic fields, from directing choirs, exhibiting artwork nationally, to starring on a West End stage. Their weekly creative classes are full of energy and a great way to keep that creative flame alive, read more here. Mention Kensington Mums and get 1:1 creative free trial session

  1. Plant seedlings

Marks and spencers have been great at giving out seedlings with shopping recently which starts the children off with an interest in gardening and growing plants, it’s a lovely thing to do altogether and gives them the responsibility of looking after something and nurturing it by remembering to water their plants everyday. Herboo have a great gardening kit for children. As part of the growth mind-set we encourage our children to be passionate about nature. There maybe mess but it will be fun. Nature and gardens give us a feeling of freedom; make us experience wonder and patience for what we grow and are agreat way to be happy. Now more than ever we need to feel happy in simple and preferably not expensive means. You can see our review here. Use the following code: KENSINGTONMUMS you will get 30% off your first month of either the solo or the share box.

  1.  Online Drama, Dance and movement classes 

‘Boo Theatre and Entertainment’ and ‘Beckyboo Parties’ are experts in providing clubs, classes and workshops in Drama and Performing arts as well high-quality children’s entertainment at events. Both are run by professional actors Rebecca Ayres and Jake Addley, who come with a wealth of experience and a true passion for introducing others to the arts.

They have moved their business online to provide online weekly classes to an array of weekly, online classes for ages 2-11 including Drama, Dance, Move & Stretch and Yoga & Breathe. The aims of the classes are to learn skills in performance but to also enhance the key, interpersonal skills including self-confidence, public speaking, imagination and storytelling.

  1. Make a butterfly feeder

Butterflies are beautiful to watch and there are loads of ways to make a butterfly feeder on pinterest to attract them into your garden and watch them Things you will need to make one So here is what you need to create a butterfly feeder:

  • jar or plastic container of your choice
  • String, twine or thin rope
  • hot glue
  • sponge
  • sugar and water for nectar solution

There are more fun ideas and inspiration on Pinterest, worth having a look.

  1. The Virtual Harry Potter Tour

Virtual tours for kids don’t come more magical than Harry Potter’s wizarding world! Using this amazing tool from Google Maps, you can explore all the places J.K Rowling’s magic world was based on. See the London market that was the inspiration for Diagon Alley and the famous Platform 9 3/4 that whisked the witches and wizards off to Hogwarts.While you might not be able to enjoy the treats of f Honeyduke’s sweet shop or jump on the Hogwarts Express, this tour is the closest thing to i

Honeyduke’s sweet shop or jump on the Hogwarts Express, this tour is the closest thing to it. Courtesy of Google Earth, you can take this wizarding tour of all the best spots. Diagon Alley, for example, can be viewed at its day job posing as London’s Leadenhall Market.

  1. Les Mills – Born to Move

If your children’s school has recently opened and you know other parents and teachers who are worried about getting the kids active during or after school time because of social distancing rules – Les Mills (@lesmillsuk) is here to help! The global fitness brand has a specially developed kids workout platform called #BORNTOMOVE which is FREE to all schools at the moment! Simply check out Born To Move via Les Mills’ website for details

8. Tie Dye Fun

Tie Dying has become a really popular thing to do during this period and its something that parents and children can get really creative with. There are different styles that can be tried with different colours making it a fun and experimental. You’ll be hunting out all your white pieces of clothing to do this. A great starter kit is this one from Fab Lab available at Argos

  1. Free Lego activities and printables

LEGO are providing loads of downloadable activity ideas and printables to help the kids pass the time and encourage all their core skills and creativity. LEGO  Master Builders – This must be one of the greatest jobs in the world  are providing a variety of videos to teach children how to build certain models they are then challenging the children to build it themselves. Their current building challenge is based on their video of ‘How to build a LEGO dog!’  or ‘How to build a LEGO cupcake!’ They are challenging the children to build any animal they want and then share what they want to try next via the hashtag #LLCBuildingChallenge.There are also some great lego sets available to build cities or models from their favourite shows. You can read more about Lego activities here

10.  Audio fun for children

When you put listening and playing together… …something magical happens. Toniesbox is a colourful very soft and durable audio box on top of which  you will stand your Tonie. A Tonie is a little figure that is has the story recorded inside. Once you have placed the Tonie of your choice on the Toniebox it will immediately recognise the Tonie you have selected and the story downloads directly onto the Toniebox. You can read our review here.

We hope you enjoy some of these ideas, and manage to make the most of your Staycation for more ideas you can check out our feature on 10 fun activities for self isolation kids. With the playgrounds also opening, we share 6 tips on visiting playgrounds safely.

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