10 fun activities for self isolation with kids

As mothers, we are getting together much more to help each other cope with the current situation. There hasn’t been a more important time for an online community, now more than ever, and making mum friends to connect with and empower and support you during good and bad times.

  1. Scrap book making are a great activity for all ages including adults to reflect on positive parts of your life, add pictures, drawings, tickets etc
  2. Printing out pictures of various wildlife animals and flowers (lots at this time of year) and go find them with a magnifying glass. (Can make it harder for older kids using insects etc)
  3. For those with a garden or even inside get a box and plant some herbs or flowers for your children to see grow over the Easter time and they have to look after them.
  4. Make play dough, lots of recipes online, you can do all different colours and glitter. The process is fun and then playing with it is fun.
  5. Using up your recycling by making anything you want. Lots of sticky tape and you can create fun objects and then paint it all. Good way of using recycling and getting messy.
  6. Educational games such as creating a hunt in the house for various objects, the children find all the objects and have to put them in size order, alphabetical order, or you can group colours for example find 6 yellow items.
  7. For slightly older children create your own book, the story can be simple but they then can illustrate the book and create a cover.
  8. Experiments! I know parents tend to hate the mess but in these times maybe just allow it and if you have a garden, get a mat outside and let them do it outside. The volcano experiment is bicarbonate of soda and vinegar is a great one but there are loads of great ones online.
  9. Music and dancing. Get the instruments out and sing. Let the children put on a show, dance or singing or whatever they want. Maybe they can dress up and if you want can act out a play as well.
  10. Cooking: we never have time when kids are at school to all cook together. So maybe create a menu for dinner with the kids and they can help you make dinner from scratch.

Try those recipes you never have time for! You may also want to read more on homeschooling in case you have older kids at home, and a DIY on how to make your own sanitiser. If thats not enough, read our article on 40 things to do at home with kids.

Article written by Mimi Smith, who is a trained Montessori teacher and now run Mimi’s Minis which is a members childcare company for those times you need an extra pair of hands.