Free Lego activities and printables


LEGO offer some amazing ideas to keep your children entertained

You know you have truly entered parenthood when you feel the stabbing pain of stepping on LEGO bricks when in the house. LEGO is also one of the best activities your children can ever get into as it keeps them occupied for a while and also teaches them creativity, problem solving, persistence and helps with fine motor skills. In case your kids are bored, we have shared 40 things to do during lockdown to give you a bit of inspiration along the way.

If you can resist wanting to build the sets yourself, you will find LEGO to be a fantastic babysitter while you get on with working from home.

So any parent during lockdown will be thrilled to hear that LEGO are providing loads of downloadable activity ideas and printables to help the kids pass the time and encourage all their core skills and creativity.

LEGO  Master Builders – This must be one of the greatest jobs in the world.  LEGOâ has master builders who are providing a variety of videos to teach children how to build certain models they are then challenging the children to build it themselves. Their current building challenge is based on their video of ‘How to build a LEGO dog!’  or ‘How to build a LEGO cupcake!’ They are challenging the children to build any animal they want and then share what they want to try next via the hashtag #LLCBuildingChallenge.

As well as this they are sharing weekly challenges and encouraging children to share their awesome creations on social media, these include colouring sheets, maze challenges  Silly stories and word searches which will definately children  with their vocabulary and the weekly trivia challenge will also teach them new facts about LEGOâ such as how many bricks does it take to build a LEGOâ  brontosaurus and you can even print off a game of brick Tic Tac Toe.

The LEGO facebook page is also sharing some great ideas such as building and sharing rainbows and amazingly they will donate LEGO sets to children in need.

Their episodes of the LEGO series LIVE on the LEGO YouTube channel are great to watch to

Visit for more ideas and watch the LEGO builders at work its fascinating stuff.

Thanks LEGO you are the best!