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It is the evening, the children are asleep. You are finally sitting down about to watch your favorite series or have a short read or simply chill on the couch. Then you suddenly remember: the weekend is close by! You can go out for a walk, perhaps put out the paddling pool given the glorious weather we have had during this lockdown. Still, what more activities can the kids possibly do at home? We hear you and we know what you are thinking and we have got you covered.

Last weekend Kensington Mums had a fun family time with the Herboo Nature Box. We have planted some lovely Cornflowers for a start but we plan on doing more out of the Herboo Nature Box this weekend as well. The box comes ready with seeds, soil discs, seed balls, thread, information on seeds and plants and even a little drawing to color. It is a full scale activity to keep little hands busy and curious in the way we like them to be. You don’t need to have a full scale garden as it is perfectly customizable to indoor and outdoor planting. You don’t really need much preparation for this, just be ready and happy to have a bit of mess at home.

As part of the growth mind-set we encourage our children to be passionate about nature. There maybe mess but it will be fun. Nature and gardens give us a feeling of freedom; make us experience wonder and patience for what we grow and are agreat way to be happy. Now more than ever we need to feel happy in simple and preferably not expensive means.

Herboo is devoted to the idea to make a garden anywhere, in any place. Imagination helps us to see something that isn’t there already, a garden on a terrace, a windowsill or on a houseboat.

Herboo creates monthly seasonal nature boxes, with 2 plants to grow and 2 things to make.Each box is sent with all the materials needed and involve an easy to find element of nature –like twigs, leaves or a smooth pebble.

Herboo is committed towards our environment and planet. All their boxes are fully recyclable. The materialsare sourced from eco-vetted companies and they ensure they are plastic free where possible.

Children will enjoy receiving personalized post packages from Herboo addressed to them. Families are able to choose subscriptions for a solo, share or gift box. The subscription is easy to change, skip or cancel a subscription in one click.

Herboo seeds are sourced from British suppliers, with an emphasis on quality and a good track record for success. Each seed packet comes with a set of instructions and they offer support to help people start a garden in the easiest of ways.

Overall, Herboo Nature Box is definitely on our weekend top recommended activities. It encourages creativity, sensory skills and mindfulness in children. It also an activity for the whole family while not being too pricy.

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