Audio fun for children | Review

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When you put listening and playing together… …something magical happens.

What is a Toniebox

Toniesbox is a colourful very soft and durable audio box on top of which  you will stand your Tonie. A Tonie is a little figure that is has the story recorded inside. Once you have placed the Tonie of your choice on the Toniebox it will immediately recognise the Tonie you have selected and the story downloads directly onto the Toniebox.

They also offer a huge collection of Tonies that are sold separately and also have a Creative one that will allow your child develop their creativity to the maximum. 

Kensington Mums reviews

We were super excited waiting to receive this amazing little box we  had heard so much about. 

Let us tell you more about Tonies and do go ahead and get your child one you can thank us later 🙂

The wonderful TONIE experience starts when you we place a TONIE on the top, just like that the fun begins. It is very easy to handle, my 2 1/2 year old son rapidly learned how to use it after realising that placing the little character on the box it would start and if he took it off it stopped.

The Design 

The box is sturdy and very well made I am confident it most likely will resist the impact if it is dropped accidentally. 

The box itself  has a very nice design with smooth padding, no sharp or rough edges, and made of good leather-like material which is water repellent, very important as we constantly have spills when we happen to have our little hands holding a zippy cup. 

Tonieboxes has a variety of bright and lovely colours making it a tough decision to select one colour.

Best part of this genius device is that it has a quite long lasting battery – 7 hours of fun can guarantee a flight, train or car ride much smoother and happy plus it helps developing the creativity in children as they need to imagine what they are hearing as opposed to watching a screen.

Setting it up and operating it 

The starter set is very complete as you get everything you need to enjoy this storytelling toy. Another plus is that the operations manual is written in simple instructions easy to understand and quickly to set-up. 

Being so easy to operate to start and stop, increase or decrease the volume by squeezing the little ears of the box makes it wonderful for toddlers and older children. Boys and girls can really have a wonderful time listening to the stories and can feel proud of themselves as they are the ones operating their Tonies!

My son, not only likes the cute characters but, feels happy and confident when he can make it work on his own. 

Tonies everywhere 

I am very happy because as per their design you can take your Tonies everywhere. I have used it at night when it’s time for my little one to go to sleep. I allow him to have his Toniebox in bed and as it is padded and soft, I am not concerned he might hurt himself with the box. Best part he then falls asleep within minutes without watching a screen. 

Like I said previously during long trips it is an amazing companion, when you are having your little one do other activities,  to name a few as you can take Tonies with you everywhere. 

This is definitely another great addition to a child’s collection of toys. It’s educational, awakens their imagination, trains them to listen and is such a fun box to have.

For more information and to order your Toniebox, please visit their website.