Pregnancy yoga: benefit for mother and child

How pregnancy yoga can strengthen the bond between mother and baby.

Throughout our lives, our wellbeing depends on our ability to create and sustain relationships.

This is never more true than when a woman becomes pregnant. A life is created in the mother’s womb and the resulting fetus is thereafter dependent on the mother’s lifestyle choices until its birth.

Although it may seem that the mother and the baby in the bump are inextricably linked, the placenta provides a physical boundary between the two. The baby is encased in its own “housing” or space within the mother’s body.  Likewise, during pregnancy, mums-to-be also need an outer “placenta” of people, places and things that support and replenish them.

This is where pregnancy yoga comes in. Pregnancy yoga helps you to prepare physically and mentally for becoming a mother.


The adapted asanas (poses) in pregnancy yoga provide you with the strength to both carry the baby to birth and to look after it after birth.

You also get to carve out time for your own selfcare. At a time in your life when most of your focus – and that of those who know you – is on the bump and the impending birth, you get to be in a space which fosters your selfcare: both physical and mental.   Pregnancy yoga allows you the opportunity to step out of your mum-to-be role and to reconnect with your inner self as a woman separate from the baby.


In pregnancy yoga classes, you meet other mums-to-be and you become part of a circle of women who are experiencing what you are experiencing.  You get the opportunity to talk to other mums-to-be (some might already have other children) who can share their experience with you and advise you on what you can expect as a result of the pregnancy journey.

Studies have shown a direct link between the mother’s thoughts and emotions on the baby in the bump. When the mum is relaxed and happy, the blood flow from mother to the placenta is optimal. When the mum is angry or stressed, her body produces stress hormones which  affect the quality and quantity of the blood supply to the placenta.

Therefore, it is important as a mum-to-be to take care of your needs first:  through nurturing and supportive relationships, yoga and selfcare. Your health and wellbeing positively affect your baby’s health and wellbeing. By looking after yourself, your baby benefits too.  

In conclusion, through pregnancy yoga you strengthen your body in preparation for giving birth and for looking after your baby.  You also, and just as importantly, reconnect to your inner self: you find the space to remain the woman you know yourself to be.


Sponsored Post. Libby Stevenson is a Certified Pregnancy and Post Natal Yoga teacher, Yoga Alliance registered. She will be teaching Pregnancy and Post Natal Yoga classes at Evolve Wellness Centre starting in September. Check her website for more information and make sure you follow her on Instagram @mumaste_yoga_wellbeing.