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Is it just me or do you feel on repeat mode and every day feels like Groundhog Day?

The way we live has suddenly changed to now working full time from home as well as cooking 3 meals a day in addition to cleaning, providing childcare and homeschooling.

As if we did not have enough to do already!

Having ‘me time’ is pretty much non-existent in my client’s lives as they are switching between multiple roles daily as a mother, professional, caregiver to their aging parents, and the challenges it brings to have time for oneself.

This lack of alone time can have a negative impact, and in ways that can spell trouble in other areas of their lives.

Why it is important to focus on yourself

If you are not having any alone time you can experience parental burnout, feelings of resentment, being overwhelmed, isolation, anger, and a loss of sense of self. Time alone is not just about being by yourself, it is about spending time away from work & caring for your family and their needs and doing something that nourishes you.

Having alone time is a necessity, not an indulgence.

Working with hundreds of women 1-2-1 I realized that they put everyone else before themselves and how much time, energy and love they give for their family at the expense of neglecting their own needs. It’s one of many beautiful qualities of a mother & a partner, that’s why it’s good to have a reminder that this is good for you and you deserve it.

Benefits of eating healthy & exercise

If you want to look great, feel good in yourself, get fitter & stronger to have the energy to play with your kids and enjoy your favorite things in life then commit to finding the time for yourself and incorporate exercise & healthy eating into your life, you’ll reap the rewards.

I remember when Sarah struggled to find the time for herself and focus on her health and fitness, she worked full time in the corporate world whilst juggling the demands of life with two children, so you can only imagine her days.

You’re probably thinking, tell me about it! Lol

When she did do something for herself Sarah felt mother’s guilt, this is more common than you think especially for women with young children. So we talked through the benefits of committing to her wellbeing and how it’s beneficial not only for her but everyone else because she will be happier, have more energy, feel physically, emotionally and mentally stronger.

I also pointed out potential dangers if she didn’t and how that would lead to feeling burnout, Sarah started to focus on her wellbeing and in just four weeks of making improvements in her lifestyle, food & exercise routine she lost three inches off her waist, that’s a whole dress size!

She was so pleased Sarah had more energy, felt better about herself, looked great in her clothes and enjoyed taking the time to recharge and nourish her mind and body.

It’s time to focus on you

Now that we are stuck at home it has created more opportunities to exercise and technology has made it easier for us too, there are 1000’s of workouts online you can do instantly but the hardest part is doing it, committing time, and finding the motivation to get going is half the battle if not the biggest.

Have you lost the motivation to exercise?

If you’re struggling to exercise alone and you want to look & feel better let’s get connected with real-time 1-2-1 sessions made specifically for you, get fit by putting a consistent healthy place within your weekly routine to give yourself an outlet with a 45-minute energizing workout.

We connect on zoom which is super simple to use on any device and you have flexible session times to conveniently fit into your busy schedule.

Also, you will get personalised food guidance that allows you to drop a dress size and tone up without having to feel hungry, I don’t believe in diet plans and it’s not something I prescribe to my clients or anyone else because everyone is unique and there isn’t one diet that fits all.

I do believe in improving your current diet by giving you the accountability and support needed to gradually create a diet that works for you and your body type.

I would love to meet you first, so I invite you to try a complimentary real-time PT taster session, this allows us to meet, experience our service, and see if we are a good match.

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Michael Brigo is a Body Transformation Coach for Busy Women and a leading personal trainer in London, he has enhanced the lives of over 250 people (so far) via 1-2-1 coaching of which some are well-known CEOs such as Nicholas Coleridge the ex CEO of Conde Nast and Vogue magazine international and his wife healer & author Georgia.

He is the founder of Brigo Personal Training which offers a signature Transformation plan using the W-O-M-A-N method to enhance the lives of women to reconnect and become the best version of themselves.

His ethos is;

“Building a relationship with our clients is key to their successful results. My aim is for you to feel comfortable & confident with kick-starting your fitness journey, from there anything is possible”

For more information contact BrigoPT via their website.