15 ways to enjoy being offline

Scroll Free September?  What can you do in instead of being online?

September has been designated ‘Scroll Free September’ by the Royal Society of Public Health. Maybe it’s with good reason as the average person now spends 24 hours – that’s a whole day a week online. Ten years ago, only 17% of the population in the UK had a smartphone now it is 78% (Read more here).

Scroll Free September aims to create more balance back in our lives and to have a break from social media. Have you ever measured how long you spend on your phone? Apple have this week released their much-anticipated update IOS 12 which includes a screen time manager and it shows you exactly how you spend your time when you are on your phone. It shows you a complete breakdown and every detail of where you spend your time right down to how much time on social networks, on email and how many times you pick up your phone! You can also use it to monitor the screen time on family sharing too.

We all know the benefits of not spending so much time online it’s better for our mental health we have more time for our families and we can be more productive and more present.

So, what should we be doing instead of being online while we are having a Scroll Free September?

Fueling our own wellbeing and making time for ourselves!  It’s amazing how little time is left at the end of the day – after we have managed the children’s social diary, pick-ups, a commute, work and home responsibilities. Instead of spending that time online, think about using it in other ways to fuel your wellbeing and look after your mental health. Let’s embrace scroll free September and try and form some new habits.

So, plan some me time and think what you would like to do with it, tell a friend what you are doing as it helps to have some accountability.

What can you do in instead of being online? Here are some ideas:

  1. Pick up a real book or magazine or newspaper and really focus on reading it and not skimming through and flipping to the next article.
  2. Practice some mindfulness. Its known to have huge health benefits but primarily reduces stress can treat depression and is an overall brilliant thing for mental health.
  3. Pick up the phone to a friend that you haven’t seen from a while you know the friend you feel guilty every time you avoid her call because you think she’s annoyed with you as you haven’t phoned her back – surprise her and call!
  4. Programme in some time for an exercise class – you don’t even have to leave the house you could get a DVD or use You Tube.
  5. Take some time to reflect on your life – try journaling and writing in a notebook – lists of gratitude, plans to make, achievements, anything that’s weighing down your mind just get it all out. You’ll feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.
  6. Take up a new skill or craft – that room in your home that needs decorating or that job that needs doing, that mirror that you plan on painting – upcycling furniture and painting is great fun and very rewarding. Why not take it on and learn a new skill and improve your home at the same time. Remember that sewing machine that’s been sat in the cupboard under the stairs…
  7. Have a look at evening classes if there is one that fits in with childcare and ask a friend if they would like to come too. Start by looking at your local learning classes.
  8. Listen to some music.
  9. Go outside, have a walk, have a run.
  10. Find all those recipes that you keep saving and make a start.
  11. Photos – release your photos from your phone! Get them printed and in an album and in frames – you’ll be amazed at how excited your kids will be when they seem them in real life rather than just seeing them on a screen!
  12. Take up a new sport, or relearn an old one…
  13. Visit a spa, or anything to do with water because unless you are really addicted to your phone you probably won’t want to take it in and get it wet…
  14. Spend more time with your partner.
  15. And the most important one of all sleep!

But possibly the ultimate way to celebrate scroll free September and fuel your wellbeing would be to arrange a meet up with your virtual friends the ones you have met on Instagram or Facebook that you have so much in common with and the same interests but for many reasons you have never actually met – now that’s a great alternative to being online and having some me time. Don’t miss our free yoga class next week with Seraphine maternity.

Right we are off to book that spa! Let us know how you get on…!