Yoga and sound healing Bath

Kensington Mums Reviews

A couple of weeks ago Kensington Mums had the pleasure of discovering this little
haven in Notting Hill. It is this beautiful green space offering various classes such as
yoga, sound healing, ecstatic dance, breath work, ceremonies, Pilates etc. Lifespace
is focused on nurturing and balancing the mind, body and spirit through natural
therapies. They offer numerous healing treatments such as energy healing and
special workshops to that effect. It’s no surprise that you can immediately feel calm
the moment you step foot on the premises. There are also various tarot cards and
self-help books available at Lifespace. Whilst having tea or waiting for your class to
begin, you can have a shuffle of the cards and see what messages come up. It’s a
great way to try before you buy.

The Experience

Some of the girls in the team experienced the yin yoga session. Yin Yoga is a more
still meditative practice of yoga. Passive poses are held for longer periods of time
using a lot of support with blocks, blankets, mats and cushions. Yin yoga works with
little muscular engagement and focuses on joint health and the connective tissues
helping with mobility and flexibility. Since some of us were yoga newbies, this was
the perfect class to start with. It brought harmony to our body and mind. There are a
variety of other yoga classes available at LifeSpace if you want to experiment
different types until you find the right one for you.

We all ended the evening with a Sound Healing session. The sound healing class
was just what I needed. I had a tough few days feeling fraught and tired as my little
one had been poorly. I’m sure all the mums out there understand how that feels. If
you are not familiar with sound healing, it is the use of music to improve physical and
emotional health and well-being. It has been used for centuries by various cultures to
heal the body and bring the receiver in a place of balance. Sound is created using a
variety of instruments including gongs, crystal bowls, chimes etc.

Lana, Lifespace founder and our well-being goddess, was our sound healer for the
evening. We all got comfortable lying down on our mats with pillows, covers and eye
pillows in this peaceful cosy room. The class started with some deep breathing to
relax our mind and body and then the vibrations of the gong started to work its
magic. The sound of the gongs built up over a period of time and I could really feel it
wash over my entire being. The class ended with some gentle chimes and happy
tingles which felt like little caresses around our head.

At the end of our session, we were all treated to some freshly brewed herbal tea. It
really felt like a home away from home where everyone sat, sipped tea and chatted
about how they felt during the session. Lana was there as the caring host answering
all the questions and making sure everyone was comfortable with their experience.
Everyone reacts differently to sound healing as it may trigger certain emotions as it
helps you shift unwanted energy or cleanse emotional blocks. Some people feel
relaxed whilst for others it may bring up some emotions that they need to
acknowledge to the surface. For me, I felt safe and protected and left the session
feeling rested. It is a very healing experience.
The classes were quite busy and I can understand why as it’s such an amazing little
place where one can quieten the mind, feel into the body and just be. I recommend
discovering this little gem for yourself.

About the founder

Lana is a Nutritional Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Teacher who created a little
sanctuary in the middle of Notting Hill where she, alongside other practitioners, offers
various holistic healing therapies that she has learnt over a number of years. Having
benefited from these modalities in her life, she wanted to share her learnings with
those seeking to reconnect with their mind, body and spirit. Lifespace is a beautiful
space where its visitors can come to find peace, healing, inspiration and mindfully
enjoy life.

Address: 110 Talbot road, W11 1JR Notting Hill
For more information you can also check their website.