Fine Indian Cuisine in London- Kahani Restaurant

Kensington Mums Reviews

Kensington Mums were delighted to be invited to taste their contemporary Indian food.
At first I was a little hesitant as this cuisine tends to be too spicy for my taste. However, I have to say that this has been an EXTRA- ordinary experience. From the moment we set foot inside their beautiful restaurant until we left.

Let me tell you a little about their story…

The name Kahani means ’story’ in Hindi and indeed their Michelin-starred chef Peter Joseph is telling a story, by exciting the palate of every guest that is lucky enough to try his creations.

Chef Peter Joseph grew up in Chennai, India. He was heavily influenced by his surroundings. He would often join his mother in the kitchen, watching her cook, and absorbing all of her traditional cooking tips and tricks. As such, many of his recipes have roots in the food he saw being prepared when he was growing up. Coupled with his experience in British kitchens, it was only natural that he would combine the two for a traditional take on Indian cooking – but with his signature modern twist.

We were greeted by the lovely staff who escorted us into the restaurant.
with a lovely decor, an elegant mix between modern and classic style where the beige, cream and light blue of the chairs create a perfect ambiance.

There is a lovely bar, a main dinning section, with options to have a more secluded dinner and a room for a private party/event.
We were invited to have a drink at the bar. I must say that the drinks’ menu, especially the cocktails are all very tempting. I ordered the ‘Gulab Martini’ a perfect blend of vodka, Lychee liquor, Lychee juice, lemon and Rose syrup served in a Martini glass decorated with a rose petal. Simply refreshing and a great way to open my appetite.
Once we seated on our table of choice, we were greeted by the manager of the restaurant. Ali showed us the different menu (Pre-Theatre Lunch Menu, A la Carte, Main Menu, Vegan, Tasting, Weekend Roast Menu, Dawat Menu, Vegetarian menu to name most of them) and explained the whole concept, recommending to order a dish from each of their sections on the menu: Small Plates, Kahani Klasik (Chargrilled), Kahani Specials, Kahani Dawat and Sides as we decided to go forward with A la Carte Menu. We requested, if possible to have the milder plates available, as we don’t enjoy super spicy dishes.

Ali proceeded to inquire if we had any preferences, which we did, after telling him, he said to leave to him as the chef was going to prepare a selection taking into consideration our choices.
From the ‘Small Plates’ section, we started off with Golden beet cakes with mustard, curry leaf and poppadum crust with cranberry chutney – this is very tasty more to the spicy side. The Spiced chickpeas with sweetened yoghurt, mint and tamarind chutney was our favourite starter, it is sweet and tangy.

From the Chargrilled menu, we enjoyed the Smoked Malabar prawns with fresh turmeric with coconut and curry leaves, beautifully presented with 3 dollops of dipping sauce, cooked to perfection yet a bit spicy. We also tried the Free range chicken -tikka with saffron, mace, baby ginger and coriander stem which was very juicy. We also shared the Chutney paneer tikka Andhra pickling spice with mint chutney filling which was lovely but the filling was very spicy, so highly recommend this to the ones that like spicy food.
From the Veg Kebab section, we were amazed and blown away by the Marinated tandoori broccoli honey, nigella seeds and wheat crisps that were crunchy and delicious. We simply adored this dish and it seems to be the house favourite and most popular one. Definitely a must order dish!

We were then surprised by the selection from the Kahani Dawat section that Ali brought. Their Butter Chicken with tomato makhani and fenugreek leaves is very different from the typical butter chicken we had before. This version is more spicy rather than sweet. We were also served their Thalassseri Biryani with braised fragrant rice containing exotic spices, mint coriander and we selected the lamb instead of prawns. The lamb literally melted in our mouth! We also had Naan bread plain and with cheese as well as a side of their Ajwani okra which was very tasty and surprisingly not spicy at all.
We really enjoyed trying all these delicacies and were more than satisfied, when Ali came back and asked if we wanted to have dessert, when we were not able to finish the main dishes. He said that the chef would surprise us with their signature ‘Dessert Plate’ this one is a piece of art please refer to the pictures.
We highly recommend to order this one. It contains a small carrot like looking cake, little ice cream cones (that were simply to die for), a chocolate and peanut butter parfait beautifully decorated with a cookie and flower and strawberry and a white cheese cake with a raspberry filling. This is a symphony of flavours that definitely puts a sweet closure to an amazing meal.

Thank you very much Ali and your lovely staff for this amazing culinary experience.

The restaurant has won The Rosette Award for Culinary Excellence 2018-2019

Kahani London.
Address: 1 Wilbraham Place, London, SW1X 9AE. Website.