Tredethick Farm Cottages: A Heavenly Family Get-Away at Cornwall…

Think fresh air and greenery, think children crashing early evening after a really full day outdoor, think beach, relaxing in-door evenings by the fire and beautiful memories, think Tredethick Farm & Cottages. 


Kensington Mums got invited to Tredethick Farm & Cottages located in Lostwithiel, a small picturesque town in Cornwall. Ideally, we recommend that you travel by car as there is a lot to see outside the farm itself. However, we travelled by train and still enjoyed beautiful scenery of the English coastline along the way. You need to spend at least 3 nights given the travel length and ideally a week to explore the farm and the area around it. 

As a London family we took our child to the typical spots around London to encounter animal farm (to be honest mostly we were not impressed). This was our first time to stay on a farm for a few days and Tredethick farm did not disappoint. The farm location is historical and is owned by the same family who lives on it for more than 100 years. It is composed of 8 beautiful cottages that were originally built in place of animal barns. The cottages are built using salvaged stones from medieval buildings. 

Tredethick is a truly visionary and an award(s) winning family destination. It functions on eco-friendly and sustainable energy basis. It has an animal barn, chicken, sheep, goats, pigs and ponies living on the farm. Every morning (except Sundays) Jenny the farmer in charge gathers all the children and parents to go feed the animals. For us this was a great experience given our somehow limited encounter with animals. Some children might hesitate at first but not for long. There is also an in-door pool, a hot bath tub, a playground, a balance bike track with cars and mini tractors and a play barn. There are numerous walks and hikes you can do around the area (some walks are pram friendly). The farm trail is ideal for a sunny day, you get to walk all around the farm and enjoy a Cornish ice-cream at the other end. The view of endless greenery is breathtaking, and you can’t help but get a sense of peacefulness and unwinding from the hustle and bustle of London. If you are staying for a week, there is also a lot to see and do outside the farm including beaches, historical monuments and picturesque near-by towns with small boutiques and antique shops. 

The attention to detail is seen throughout the farm: from the scones, Cornish cream and delicious fresh apple juice that were awaiting us upon arrival to the coasters made from recycled paper, to paintings and curtains in the children’s room, to the amazing coffee machine  and magazines at the soft paly area for parents to enjoy while watching children play. Tredethick Farm & Cottages is built to entertain Children while also allowing parents to somehow relax and breath. There is a small farm shop based on an honesty system selling Cornish farm products and some cooked frozen meals on nights you don’t wish to cook. There are a number of small restaurants and pubs to drive to and most major super markets deliver pre-ordered groceries to your cottage. We cooked our meals and I must say the kitchen was super equipped. There are also barbecue grills to borrow, if you wish to have a barbecue in the garden. You can borrow DVDs from the farm shop for a movie night and pop-corn. 

We recommend for you to plan for Tredethick farm & Cottages on your next holiday. We mean it when we say “plan” as they are mostly fully booked during high season and some cottages are pre-booked up to a year in advance! This is ideal for a small family holiday, a big family meet-up (including grandparents) and/or a group of families get-together with children. 

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