20 useful tips for working parents

It can be sometimes very difficult to find the right balance between work and personal life, even more difficult as a parent. Given the current situation, Kensington Mums compiled the best tips and advice to help you juggling between your work and family life.

  1. Time management- Be strict and draw the line. When you are working, work hard, When you are with kids, it’s their time. Try never to mix the two. We know how hard this can be but it’s important for the children to not resent you or your working life.
  2. To do lists are a MUST! And for those, who like us, are stationary addicts its even fun to organize a weekly or monthly planner with different color highlighters & tick with different pens or pencils as you go along.
  3. Prioritise– We could all do with few more hours in a day to get everything we need to do done but then again, if we had that more time… we would just pile more things on the list. It’s a vicious circle but it’s important to priorities correctly. The power of now is what counts.
  4. Disconnect– Our work is very much online, starting with emails, meetings, editing, writing and then of course, always switched on, on social media. Its important to take breaks. Have a proper lunch break and don’t just grab something and rush it while trying to make work calls or fit in another email. Connect with like minded mums, even if its a phone break.
  5. Childcare– finding the right childcare is something personal, this can range from a nanny in the early years, to childminders and nursery. Whatever you do, choose something that works for you and your family.
  6. Let go of guilt- It’s a common thing, as mothers, to feel guilty. Some mums don’t have a choice and other decide to work. Whether its to pursue a dream, maintain career or just wanting to keep connected with the outside world and mum duties, no one has the right to judge or make you feel guilty about it because you are not harming anyone. If fact, have you ever thought the good example you are giving your kids about working?
  7. Excercise– Both to maintain a healthy lifestyle & maintain sanity, exercise is very important for you to keep fit and release any stress you may be piling up from work or children behavior. Don’t underestimate this, it will make a difference to your everyday approach to things.
  8. Make me time a priority- We cannot emphasize on this enough; every mum needs some alone time doing whatever is it that makes her happy outside of the family nucleus. Whatever it is that helps you recharge your batteries it is important to keep doing it on a regular basis. Doing so is not selfish it is a necessity and we all know too well that a happy mummy makes a happy family and if mama isn’t on top of things, the rest crumbles pretty quickly.
  9. Support network: Mums are an incredible support. Every mum is different and so are children but mums generally understand what you are going through on a daily basis so open up and build strong relationships with mums around you.
  10. Family Time: Just as you make time for work, making time for your family, little ones and partner is crucial. This is important to nurture your family dynamic and it creates a sense of belonging and special family bonding. Make the time you spend with your little one really special. Quality time is more important than quantity. Either share a passion of yours with them or spend time doing something they really love doing, something simple that brings them joy such as painting, dancing or singing.
  11. Fun time: Our little ones love copying us. Spend more time with them by getting them involved in household chores. Make it fun and engaging and let them help you cook or put clothes in the wash. Let them make funny faces with vegetable cutting or play with dough. It allows them to learn new skills and also you have company when doing tasks that might feel boring. And these will make fun memories for them to remember.
  12. Communicate: If they are old enough to understand tell your little one about your job and what you do. Share with them what a day looks like and the fun things you get to do.
  13. Organisation: organisation is key to success. You need to be very organised to maximise the time you have when working and really be productive. Only when you have all the information you need and all your need elements is when you can then work and achieve what you expected from that time you dedicate to work and be away from your little one.
  14. Get help: Get our husband/partner involved in the house chores – if you are both working then you must divide the home tasks as well so you can both dedicate quality time with your little ones and also have the things that need to be done at home.
  15. Take Holiday days: ensure you take your holiday days you are entitled to and make the most of them if you are not using them up to go on holiday, treat yourself and or your children to special days out.
  16. Make more food: If your cooking why not make extra and that way you can freeze it saving yourself more time and less to think about for another meal a week.
  17. Shopping app: On the subject of food, why not use a shopping app to keep up with what is running low and making sure you are up to date you can also share it with your other half so they can update when things run out as than they won’t expect you to be psychic and know when they finished the ketchup!
  18. Prepare in advance: There are things you can do the night before to organise your day, get your clothes and the kids out the night before, make sure you check the children’s bags for any sudden letters requesting you make a cardboard fort for their show and tell so they don’t creep up on you.
  19. Family Calendar: figure out your family priorities, and use a calendar that you can all see and have access to, to ensure you all know what and where everyone is and you can be on top of scheduling.
  20. Be open: Be open with your clients or team about what is feasible and what your goals and priorities are, you may not want to say you aren’t available for things or you may want to work more hours but you have to set out what is achievable from day one so that you both know where you are and don’t cross the boundaries, keeping everyone happy.

Image credit: www.rosalindhobley.com