Holiday with Intention

Reframed retreats (for Mamas and their children) that are simply Holidays with Intention

Why do you go on holiday?

  • I / We want bonding time with my / our Children
  • I want to nurture the relationship dynamics within my family
  • I want to reconnect with my Spouse / Partner / Family


  • I am tired
  • I want to dedicate some time to be on my own for quiet reflection too!

Sometimes this seems impossible! To have a holiday where you can own time for yourself and time to bond with your loved ones?

And what about when we get to the end of your holiday? We often find ourselves feeling exhausted from not really having switched off, or dreading going to back to work and plugging back into the routine of life. It’s the Sunday blues but magnified.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be nurtured and taken care of and not have to worry about your meals, your children, your parents, your to-do lists and the millions of other things you have going on?

And at the end of your holiday, to look forward to returning to life with a refreshed outlook that is sustainable.  Let Holidays With Intention show you how it is possible To feel rested, re-energised and ready to get back into life.

With Us, you have everything you want from your usual holiday and more. The value add we offer is to provide you with the space and tools to :

  • To be heard
  • To share experiences
  • To be curious
  • To ask questions
  • Live consciously
  • Be part of a conscious community that hears your needs and provides support. And all this whilst you are in a relaxed state.

Each ‘Retreat’ has its own unique version of an impeccably curated Programme With :

  • yoga
  • meditation
  • daily 4 hour montessori based child-care programme
  • two workshops (variants include conscious parenting, living courageously, connecting with your children)
  • An abundance of space for reflection and relaxation for women (and men), parents, children, grand-parents and families as a unit.

We provide an environment that will inspire a new outlook whilst providing you with the tools to be in the natural flow of parenthood that often feels so challenging.

You will feel refreshed, focused and inspired.
Return with renewed clarity and outlook towards the life you are choosing rather than a life that “happened to you”.


We ignite a curiosity for a purposeful and intentional way of living as Leaders of our Lives.
A conscious way of living that is healthy, in integrity and expansive for the individual, in relationship, with children, as parents, as elders, within families, our work place and communities at large.

It’s important to create space for yourself to feel into where you are in your life, where you are in the world and whether it is because it has happened by chance or design. Unplug. Check-in. Reconnect.  And remember you have a choice with everything. You have the power to change your situation.  Being aware is the first step.  Holidays with Intention is a way to integrate this into your life.

We only work with a select group of retreat locations, each of which have been handpicked and personally selected by Our Founders Melissa and Ping (find our more about them at We are currently featuring retreats in beautiful Bali and at a Chateau in the French countryside.

Sign up and join us on your Holiday with intention at . Give yourself a week to rest, recharge, reconnect. Acquire life tools and a be part of a conscious community that supports you in reshaping your life with full autonomy into one of abundance, ease and grace within your family unit without feeling like you are having to make any compromises.

Please go to our website to review the Family Retreats and Women’s Retreat currently available. We have some early bird offers. We are also running a competition to receive 10% off the value of your holiday for our family retreats in Bali over the Easter Break. Simply head to our Facebook or Instagram page @holidayswithintention and repost the holiday you wish to attend telling us why you want to join us!

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