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Neal’s Yard Remedies & Therapy Rooms: Our ZEN oasis in London

Who else feels like it has been ages since August? We do and while we also love this time of the year, our moto is “pamper yourself whenever you can and however you can”, because part of taking care of ourself is taking care of our children. We have always been huge advocates on self care. We can’t stress how important this is for mental, emotional and physical health.

Therefore, when Neal’s Yard Remedies asked for one of team members to try their therapy rooms, we welcomed the invitation with open arms. Neal’s Yard Remedies happens to be one of our favorite self-care brands.

Our Kensington Mums Team member tells us all about her experience.

Before going to my appointment, Neal’s Yard team arranged everything for me including my preferred therapy room location (Covent Garden), my chosen therapy type (all available online with details on each therapy and what to expect) and most importantly COVID and health safety forms that I needed to fill and sign before the appointment.

I felt secured going in for a therapy but if you don’t feel you want to go in person you can check out their online therapy sessions that you can enjoy at home.

Upon arriving I was greeted by the warm receptionists and Angela the Therapist in charge of my session. All staff are wearing PPE. They were very accommodating even though I got help up by traffic and arrived slightly late.

I chose the Facial Rejuvenation Therapy: A deep tissue massage focusing on the stimulation of the facial muscles to help give skin the feeling of being lifted.

Angela took me to the therapy room, there are COVID safety guidelines across the place including the use of stairs. In the room I put all my belongings in a sanitized box before I began my treatment.

We spoke about my individual needs and concerns with regards to my treatment, areas I wanted her to focus on.

Facial Rejuvenation is a great way to relax the mind, release muscle fibres in the face which can create patterns of tension, improve circulation to the face with fresh, nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood and promote a feeling of wellbeing.

pampering self love

Here are some key steps from my treatment:

  • Firstly Angela cleansed and toned my face with Calendula CleanserRehydrating Rose Toner, Rehydrating Rose Facial Polish (on the nose, forehead and chin). Products used differ according to skin type and preference.
  • Then she started with Acupressure points, using her fingers to apply a firm pressure and circles. Angela sanitized her hands from beginning to end and she was very careful not to touch anything upon sanitizing her hands. I felt quite safe.
  • She expertly administered Lifting and holding techniques on the forehead, eyebrows, temples, cheekbones, chin and jaw line. I was already starting to relax and disconnect by that time with regular deep breathes.
  • Then she started Lymphatic drainage over my chest and my face: Using very light, rhythmic strokes, pumping action and circles helping to stimulate the lymphatic system and encourage the lymph system to flow more freely.
  • She used her facial techniques over my whole face, neck and chest to reduce tension and restore structural integration. I was completely relaxed and comfortable by that time.
  • Then she started doing a Facial massage using Rehydrating Rose Facial oil, working all over my face, neck and chest. She used various techniques such as effleurage, massage to neck and shoulders, rolling waves using fingers to apple, gentle rolling upwards movements at various speeds, circling pressures under the eyes, smoothing and lifting and scalp massage.
  • She finished off with Almond Moisturiser and White Tea Facial Mist (I still remember the scent!)
  • All the products she used felt and smelled amazing.

Throughout the therapy Angela was very attuned to my needs. She would ask if I was ok and if the pressure, she is applying was fine. She made sure I was truly relaxed and disconnected as I should be.

I walked out feeling fresh, my skin felt amazing, my eyes not as puffy and overall may face looked quite fresh, lifted and glowing. Most importantly it stayed like this for days to follow.

Later, I passed by Neal’s Yard Remedies Shop across where I had a 15% discount (provided automatically when you use the Therapy Rooms). You also get amazing discounts  with the Kensington Mums VIP card, you can join today and benefit from the best deals at Neals Yard Remedies. 15% discount applies to Kensington VIP Club Members in selected stores* Marylebone High Street, Covent Garden, Victoria and Notting Hill

Health and wellbeing is the utmost passion at Neal’s Yard Remedies. Their holistic Therapy Rooms are at the very heart of what they do. For them, health isn’t only about physical wellbeing, but also about feeling balanced, happy and able to cope with the stress of everyday life. The therapist ensures that this is exactly how you should walk out of your therapy. Hence you can ask the team before booking and they will provide you with information on the different therapies so that you choose the one most relevant and beneficial for you.

Therapy prices differ according to type of therapy and the therapist who provides it, they start from GBP40+ up to GBP100. There are various options and price points to suit your budget. For more details and booking please check their website.

This is a good opportunity for self-pampering and treatment, a friend’s day out on an occasion as well as a gift to a friend using Neal’s Yards online Gift Vouchers.

We highly recommend it and we will definitely be back at Neal’s Yard Therapy Rooms.

We share with you some amazing gift ideas you can gift yourself or a friend for a little pampering at home.


Treatment was part of a press coverage for the team. Views are own

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