10 Ways to Pamper Yourself at Home

Everyone needs a home pampering day once in a while. Giving yourself a bit of time off, to yourself just to take stock can work wonders for your mental health and wellbeing. We’ve compiled 10 of our top tips for giving yourself a little home-based TLC…

Self care, is not selfish but a necessity

Self-care is self-strengthening it’s the actions you take to protect, maintain and improve your physical and mental health and wellbeing. It isn’t just one thing like a trip to the cinema once a month, it’s your whole holistic approach to your health and making time for yourself. It’s paying attention to your needs, making sure that you are taking care of yourself and not becoming burnout and exhausted. Self-care helps you manage stress. It’s making time for who you are and who you want to be. Take a look at an article we published earlier in the year about the importance of looking after number yourself.

Give yourself an at-home facial

Read our article on winter skincare using Bioderma products

Invite friends over and have a pamper party.

Kensington Mums recently did just that with Ruuby app. Ruuby is London’s first digital beauty concierge, offering five star beauty services to private clients, corporates, hotel groups, and luxury concierge services. Calling on their network of over 600 professionally vetted, experienced beauty providers, they deliver consistently high-quality beauty services to clients. Services can be booked at the home, office, or hotel, and they also cater to large events, weddings, and VIPs. Use code KENSINTONMS for 15% off. Download their app on iTunes and Google play. Offer valid until 16th June 2020 exclusive for Kensington Mums.

Go offline

We all know the benefits of not spending so much time online it’s better for our mental health we have more time for our families and we can be more productive and more present. Read our top tips on ways we enjoy being offline. http://bit.ly/2pIax9E

Sometimes all you need is to relax

Why not have someone experienced who specialises in helping Mums who juggle a hectic lifestyle take that valuable ‘me’ time to switch off and unwind. Get in touch with Ruth from London Holistic Therapy for your well-deserved me time. Quote “Kensington Mums” for a special 10% off your booking.


Make your own face mask

Quantum Botanika’s Nataliya Robinson emphasises that you don’t have to buy any fancy ingredients or spend ages in the kitchen to create an effective home-made mask. Just a basic ingredient like Greek style plain yoghurt can do wonders for the skin: a layer applied to the face can have a moisturising and exfoliating effect on the skin, whilst the lactic acid within the yoghurt can also brighten the skin. Nataliya adds: “Greek yoghurt is good for skin pH level which is especially relevant for those who suffer from facial spots because the live bacteria from yogurt reduces breakouts.” Nataliya recommends applying one layer onto clean skin. Upon drying reapply a few more layers during a 20-30 minute period. Then wash the skin thoroughly.


Sometimes that’s all you need. Having a poor night’s sleep can affect our mood and performance. It makes us feel tired and lacking in motivation for the day ahead. Read more on how you can make the most out of your sleep http://bit.ly/2M1qXlE

Dress the part

A quick way to de-stress, chill, or unwind is with comfortable loungewear. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is — if you’re at home, slip into something a little more comfortable and you’ll instantly feel your anxieties fade away.  Lavender Hill Clothing (which recently shot to fame when Meghan Markle wore two of their sustainable t-shirts) has just launched a new collection of luxurious yoga and loungewear, as pictured above. The Scottish cashmere set in Lavender, comprises of a cosy cardigan and luxurious cashmere leggings, ideal for nailing the casual chic look.  Kensington Mums can use discount code Kenmums to get 10% off. 

Draw an inviting bath

Submerging yourself in water can relax the nervous system, reducing the levels of stress and anxiety in the body and improving your mood. And your stress levels can be reduced further with a luxuriously indulgent bubble bath, such as L’Occitane Lavender Foaming Bath whose lavender fragrance will relax both body and mind.

Save a little indulgence just for you

We’ve all been there – snuck a bar of chocolate into the house only to have it spotted by a child and then had to divide it up between you and your offspring (and probably your partner too.) Whilst we all know that sharing is caring, having something that is just your own is important. Treat yourself and you alone! 

A recent Christmas indulgence which was MINE ALL MINE was the Prestat Pink Popping Prosecco Mini Truffles. Sitting alone to slowly and painstakingly nibble each truffle… it tastes better if it’s all yours – there’s less of a flavour of resentment.