Navigating the Path to Success

Navigating the Path to Success: Education Advice from Holland Park Tuition and Education Consultants

Navigating the maze of your child’s education can be a hugely daunting prospect. Thankfully, there is a special team who are here to help, providing consulting, private tutoring, and online group courses to address the specific needs of every child. Holland Park Education is one of the globe’s leading companies to support families in making important choices that affect their children’s lives. Lead Consultants Simon and Jacqui Northcote-Green join Kensington Mums to share key advice when it comes to some of the biggest questions parents ask when it comes to school choice, tutoring and the current education climate in the UK.

When should I start thinking about school choices regarding my child’s education future?

“It is never too early to start considering criteria regarding education choices. A school must match the needs, expectations and abilities of the individual child. Every child develops at a different pace and there may be financial, social, political and even moral issues before choices are made. Be prepared to modify your choices over the course of your child’s education as they grow and their strengths and weaknesses emerge. Try to avoid disappointment by focusing on one option too early on. As a team Holland Park work with families one-to-one to understand these choices and pick the right path.”

How can I make sure that my child reaches their full potential?

“Education was often seen as an exercise between the carrot and the stick but in some ways rewards of some sort still have a place in the upbringing of your child and should not be discounted. Every child develops at a different rate. Late developers are common and girls tend to reach their potential at an earlier age than boys. Recent research on what motivates children has shed significant light on how children respond to different stimuli and so exposure to as many different skills and interests as well as learning techniques will be of benefit.”

What are some day-to-day ways in which my child can progress?

“Reading is always the key at an early age. Reading to your child, then reading with your child and then discussing the story with your child is enormously beneficial. It is always a good idea to be able to relate to the narrative, the characters, the setting, the language, the images and the themes to enable family engagement. Exploit the best practice of screens rather than banning them. For slow learners, repetition, reinforcement and revision are essential. Family meal-times are a crucial time for talking about learning and different methods. Checking progress is important.”

What are the benefits of having a private tutor?

“A tutor’s role is as much as a mentor as a teacher. Communication between the two is established in a safe environment, which allows the pupil to engage and to build confidence on a one-to-one level. Mistakes can be made and recovered from. A good tutor develops trust and a constructive relationship whereby the child benefits from a broader education and expertise. It allows for the student to develop a rapport with an adult outside of the classroom and beyond the home. With our Holland Park tutors, we have seen them become somewhat an extension of the family, invested and engaged in the student’s success beyond the call of duty.”

How do London day schools compare to the rest of the country’s day schools?

“There are so many London day schools that parents can be spoilt for choice. Competition can also be very high. This is why it is important to have clear criteria which relate directly to the individual child. Access to the culture of London gives a huge advantage to students as they prepare for their future education. Equally, the diversity and breadth of London schools add an element of internationalism, networking and understanding of cultures, which will only broaden the horizons of the individual student.

How can I make sure my child’s education is not disrupted by the coronavirus?

“Home learning has taken on a whole new light and tutoring has gained greater significance in recent times. There remain no short cuts to learning but parents can help provide the appropriate scaffolding for it to take place effectively, by giving structure and encouragement and by taking an active interest. Holland Park Education’s online courses and group activities have been hugely successful in achieving this, and continue to run via our Covid-19 resources page on our website. Spirits have to be maintained and there will be days when this is difficult due to lack of motivation, disaffection or even family conflict. It is important that a routine is maintained which is understood and accepted by all parties.”

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