Fatherhood by Mike Oldham


  1. Please introduce yourself: Name, what do you do & how many children you have.

My name is Mike Oldham and I used to work as an Event Director but, unfortunately, lost my brand new job on day one due to the coronavirus outbreak. So I’ve started doing some freelance podcast/broadcast work from home and I’m really enjoying it. Oh, and I have a lovely three-year-old boy called Marley!

  1. How do you manage to juggle work and life balance as a father?

Well it’s become slightly easier since I lost my job in March! But in all honesty, it’s still not straightforward and I’ve had roles in the past where it was almost impossible to manage any kind of balance. So, at the end of 2019 I made the conscious decision to only consider a new role if it allows for a good work-life balance, I’ve learned it’s really the most important thing.

  1. What makes you, as a dad, happy?

I’m a very social person so I’m happy when I’m spending quality time with people I love. Especially my family. It really doesn’t matter whether we’re out and about somewhere or at home, as long as we’re all together I’m happy.

  1. What is your favourite & least favourite thing about parenthood?

I have so many favourites, it’s hard to pick one! Watching as our toddler enjoys new experiences and learns new things is really amazing, I always try to be aware of how important our role as parents is in his development and I absolutely love introducing him to new things and watching his reactions.

My least favourite thing is probably just how little time there is to get anything done. No matter how many times people told me “enjoy your free time while it lasts” before we had a child, I didn’t appreciate it until it was too late!

5. If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?

I’ve always got loads of energy and I regularly get in trouble for making too much mess, so it would have to be the Tasmanian Devil (Taz)

  1. Tell us something mummy doesn’t know, something that happened during a ‘dad on duty’ moment.

I’ve taken Marley to the pub a couple of times to get him an apple juice (and a beer for me…) One evening when I was picking him up from his nursery, he asked me – in front of all the other parents and nursery teachers – “Daddy, are we going to the pub again now?”

That was a little embarrassing!

7. What advice would you give a first-time dad?

Before your baby is born, enjoy your free time as much as you can! You will miss it so much. Then, after the baby is born, I’d say try and sleep whenever your baby sleeps, wherever you can. More general advice would be just to spend as much time as you possibly can with your child because the time goes by so quickly and the first few years are just the absolute best!

8. I am a Dad and….

A podcaster! I started a new podcast during lockdown after losing my job, and I’ve been interviewing some really great guests, including Helen Skelton. You can listen on Apple, Spotify etc and the links are available here

I am also using it as a way of raising some money for NHS Charities Together, so if you’re interested in supporting me and that cause please visit the link here.

9. Share a top tip with your fellow dads?

NEVER imply you’ve had a “harder day” than your partner if he/she has been looking after your child all day!!