Lessons from lockdown – Dads real stories

Lessons from lockdown – Dads stepped up with new roles and broke male stereotypes, survey reveals

Lockdown has meant that more dads are at home and exposed to the work-life balance juggle that mums have. And with Father’s day around the corner, we thought it was a good opportunity to share a new study by Menkind where 2,400 UK dads and father figures looking into their lockdown experiences reveals some positive news for families during this difficult time, with dads stepping up childcare and education roles and committing to spending more time with the kids moving forward.

Stronger bond: a third of dads say their relationship with their kids improved and that the isolation period brought them closer together; 44% confessed they confided in one another more than before the lockdown.

Stepping up their game: dads were not afraid to take on new roles like house chef, teacher, BFF to their kids, hairdresser and even make-up artist extraordinaire.

Top lessons learned from their kids: close to 50% confessed that they want to spend more time with the kids moving forward, while two thirds want to be more supportive of them when they need it.

Challenging male stereotypes: 1 in 14 dads declared they learned to be more in tune with their feminine side during this time, while 1 in 4, admitted they learned “that it’s okay to fail” and 1 in 5 confessed that “relationships take work”.

Menkind  also discovered that 1 in 3 dads have been spending more time with the kids due to working from home. 1 in 10 dads have spent less physical time with their children as they’ve left the nest but have spent longer on calls and video calls. 1 in 12 dads have spent less time with children due to working longer hours. Full results can be see here .

The survey also discovered behaviours and traits that match these dad types:

The Cool Dad;

The Dad who is in tune with their kids, listens to them and provides support. 1 in 4 dads listed ‘listening more to each other’ among the top things they enjoyed about lockdown with the family. A third of dads state their relationship with their kids improved and that the isolation period brought them closer together. Almost half of dads (44%), confessed they confided in one another more than before the lockdown. In fact, 1 in 7 dads say “I’m my kids’ BFF now!”

The Gamer Dad

1 in 5 UK dads admit to having embraced their kids’ passion for video games during lockdown, listing gaming among their favourite family activities.

Video games listed in top 10 activities that helped dads and kids bond – Moreover, dads declare they’re keen to continue playing video games with the kids after the lockdown.

Not all gamer dads are the video types, in fact, 50% of dads admit to having played more board games with their children, puzzles or card games.

 The Foodie Dad

More than half of UK dads (55%) increased baking and cooking during lockdown, with one in three (32%) admitting “cooking as a family” has helped the family overcome the challenges of spending prolonged time under lockdown.

The Active Dad

Despite the lockdown, dads tried to stay active, with almost half (46%) admitting to playing more sports and exercising together more than before.Not only that, but the necessity to keep the kids active make dads consider themselves “a sports coach now”. Exercising together is in top three family time activities that dads have enjoyed and hope to do more of after the lockdown eases.

The Tech Dad

The dad who is up to date with tech advancements, beats his kids at videogames and is perfectly fine WFH (tech is not an obstacle for him). They tend to have younger children (under 5 year old)and are almost twice as likely to use video calls as a means to touch base with family and relatives (66%) than parents of teenagers (38%)

The Joke Dad

“Caught my boy posing and singing to a girl in his room via social media and filmed him doing it! That’s one for his 18th!”

*The survey which polled 2,400 dads and father figures in the UK was conducted between 14th – 19th May 2020

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