Naturally Flawless; a holistic approach to skincare

We are proud to have Grace Belgravia as our expert contributor today. Grace Belgravia is London’s leading health, wellbeing and lifestyle club offering integrated medical clinic, spa retreat, gym, healthy restaurant and inspiring events. They share with us a holistic approach to skincare. You can read their previous article on top tips for detoxing here.

Skin is the largest organ on the body and subject to a barrage of pollutants and toxins every day. With so much of what we put on the surface being absorbed into the bloodstream and beyond, it’s important to be mindful of what we’re applying. Consider your morning routine and the cleansers, moisturiser and makeup you’ve used before even leaving the house and encountering environmental pollutants. What we see and often enjoy as an act of self-care (and frankly necessary for achieving our skin goals!) has the potential to be contributing to the toxic build up within. So many of us take important steps to minimise the stress we place on the body by exercising, sleeping and eating well (for the most part!) and what we feed our skin deserves just as much consideration.

Here are five ways we’re making sure our approach to glowing, healthy skin is through pampering practices that nourish inside and out.

  1. Beauty begins within and many internal imbalances manifest in the appearance of skin, be it excess oil or dehydration, dull complexion, fine lines, wrinkles or breakouts. While a short term detox can help to reset habits (try this one) it’s better to implement positive changes that can easily be integrated into your daily schedule. Begin the day with warm water and lemon, and sip fresh mint tea after meals to encourage healthy digestion. Try to introduce more leafy, cruciferous vegetables and if you can shop seasonally and organically – all the better.

  1. Last year the Soil Association reported a 20% rise in sales of organic health and beauty products, part of a steady incline in our growing preference for pure, natural ingredients. For the Grace Spa, we weren’t willing to compromise and have introduced 100% organic JK7®- the world’s purest skincare brand. Created by Dr. Jurgen Klein, JK7® nurtures skin – actively improving its health rather than masking problems. Incorporating the purest organic essential oils in highly concentrated forms, the products deliver maximum, pharmaceutical grade benefits. With ingredients natural enough to eat and an environmentally conscious approach to sustainable sourcing, this is innocent skincare that delivers.

  1. While we recommend introducing JK7®’s products into your daily beauty regime, for a truly rejuvenating experience book the JK7® Detox Facial at Grace. Specifically developed to target the impurities and chemical damage inflicted by city living, the treatment combines JK7® skincare with stimulating massage and lymphatic drainage techniques to encourage further detoxification for visibly clearer skin.
  2. Award-winning facialist Ziggie Bergman patented the Zone Face Lift – a treatment that aims to take off ten years in as little as 12 weeks. By applying a series of facial reflexology techniques (many of which can be added to your morning and night routine) circulation is stimulated and uplift encouraged. Ziggie’s is a holistic approach, encouraging regeneration and rejuvenation by stimulating collagen and boosting circulation, rather than relying on chemical formulas.
  1. Perhaps not the most traditional pampering experience but we guarantee you’ll feel light, positive and energised afterwards. Colonic hydrotherapy really supports detoxifying efforts and since good gut health is essential for healthy skin (and the immune system, mental health and much more besides) it can be hugely beneficial. A modern Western diet can place excessive pressure on the gut and this is a simple way of supporting natural processes.

For more restorative spa experiences from Grace Belgravia please click here. Whether you are looking for the latest scientific treatments or wish to adopt a holistic approach, you’ll find an irresistible choice of treatments at Grace.