Massage for mums in the comfort of your own home

Just as Mother’s day just passed, we want you to celebrate Mother’s Day every day! This day should be celebrated because so many Mother’s work super hard all year round and rarely get the merit they deserve. So although I’m a bit biased, I’m down for it one million percent. Nurturing and celebrating ourselves is the first step towards nurturing and bringing joy to others. It is so important to make the time for you in your busy work life schedule, school drop off, meetings, cooking and homework and bed time routine. I was recently spoiled by Ruth for a home visit massage a few weeks ago, just when my body and mind reached exhaustion level.

Ruth worked for the NHS as a Cancer Coordinator and Paramedic in the East of England for over 5 years but has now found herself embracing her love of healing and helping Mum’s through Holistic Massage Therapy.

Training at various schools across the UK having gained several massage certifications including deep tissue, on-site, seated acupressure, swedish techniques and baby massage.

Ruth believes the success of her company, London Holistic Therapy, with clients across London is because she delivers a specific massage therapy for each client, truly treating people as individuals. (I couldn’t agree more to that!)

Ruth specialises in helping Mums who juggle a hectic lifestyle take that valuable ‘me’ time to switch off and unwind. She relived all my aches and pains from poor posture and from sitting behind a screen all day. In a world where everything is so fast paced, digital and online, it felt so good to be offline and alone. She was able with her magic hands ease the tension and stress making me feel relaxed and calmer and able to face the depends of motherhood.

Ruth’s personalised massage treatments are hassle free as they are taken in the comfort of your own home. What’s not to like? Ruth came prepared and organised and on time to our scheduled appointment. Ruth provided a comfortable massage couch, heated organic oils, a heated blanket, healing frequency music and an exclusive diode mat to rebalance the body’s energy and neutralise electromagnetic radiation from device such as mobile phones and laptops, all you need ​is space to switch off, relax and unwind. Sounds like heaven right?

As soon as I sat on the massage chair, I drifted to sleep under Ruth’s gentle care. I did ask for deep tissue massage as I do have lots of tension around my head, neck and shoulders. The pressure she used was just right and she was always be asking me if everything was to my liking. I appreciated the attention to detail. The session lasted 90 minutes! She used this divine organic oil by Radha Beauty 100% therapeutic grade oils blended with a cold pressed organic grape seed oil. The music and heated blanket gently drifted me to sleep, and I managed to switch off and unwind. That is something that rarely happens to me as my mind always has 100 tabs open at the same time.

The massage experience is highly recommended. What I love the most is that Ruth has formulated some bespoke massage package for Mums to help you make time for yourself and take care of you. It is not selfish, but a priority.


To get in touch with Ruth please email [email protected] / 07766 720 796 mentioning Kensington Mums.