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Kensington Mums reviews


EMS technology allows you to get a 90 min workout in only 20 min! Simply what Londoners and mums need!

All sessions are held by an expert personal trainer, ensuring you achieve your target during each workout.

EMS  stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation which basically works through impulse technology targeting any muscle group you would like to work on by increasing the efficiency of the workout and enalbiling better and targeted results.

At Urban Fitness, they provide you with a bespoke package depending on what your fitness goals are i.e.: weight loss, strength training, sport specific, muscle rehabilitation, and wellbeing.

Best of all is that you can come directly from work and there is no need to carry your gym clothes as they provide you with a special undergarment training suit that you will need for the session. Needeless to say, they offer free towels and they have shower facilities with all the ammenties.

Urban Fitness started in Italy where they have over 60 locations which are very successful and have recently opened their studio in Fulham.

They are certified by the Univerisy of Tor Vergata in Rome.


The Experience

As soon as I entered the modern brand new studio, two expert trainers greeted me. They both immediately introduced themselves and explained their background.  They are Matteo and Luigi who are certified and very knoweldgbale they both assisted me and explained everything thoroughly.

Matteo was the one who guided me through the whole experience.  He gave me the special garments which I had to put on. I was escorted to the fitting rooms where I quickly changed into the training suit that came inside a plastic bag.

Matteo first asked me if had any injury or anything that he needed to be aware of so he could adapt the exercises to my general wellbeing. He took his time to explain how the system works and was very detailed when he described the machine where you are able to see the intensity of each stimulation in each specific muscle of the body.  Once he explained the whole machine he went on to explain that I was going to be plugged to the machine. There is a possiblility to do  either the whole set wireless or plug into the machine.

He then sprayed with warm water the whole garment that you need to wear  and that has the plaques that do the magic – the muscle stimulation.

Matteo plugged me up and secured very tightly the whole suit to my body. We then were ready to start the 20 min set. For each exercise he went on to explain it carefully and even demonstrate to ensure that I was doing it properly and to avoid any possible injury if the exercise was not done correctly.

Through the whole experience he was constantly asking me how I was  feeling and if he could increase the intensity which I glady replied to: yes. You feel a tingly sensation each time the muscle contracts as the stimulation pauses for c. 5 seconds which is when you relax and then go ahead for the next set of exercises.  You can really feel that you are woking out without much effort.

The 20 minutes went by so quickly that I didn’t even notice. At the end of the session I felt that I worked out but was not tired at all and harldy even sweaty.

I really enejoyed this form of exercise and highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a good overall workout in less than 20 min. So for those mums that have a limited time like me this is the best solution to target the areas you would like towork out on body. Equally this is a great solution for any working person that is always stuggling with time and needs to fit in the fitness routine in a busy schedule.

Member Pakages

There is no joining fee and they offer different subscrisptions that range from Silver (24 tickets), Gold (48 tickets) and Platinum (96 tickets) as well as different packages that can cater to each specific indviual.


Please for additional information direct yourself to their website and following address:


270 Fulham Road

Kensington, London, SW10 9EW

Contact information:

Phone: 02037957045

email: [email protected]


Opening times:

Mon – Fri 6am – 9pm

Sat 8am – 4pm

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