SoulCycle X Place2Be Panel & Ride | Review

The Studio

It was my first time at the Notting Hill SoulCycle location. It is fairly brand new and looks bright and modern with comfortable facilities. Bathrooms are very nice and stocked with all you need. If need be they provide you with a aluminum bottle, as they are 100 %plastic free and have filtered water available for free .

The Talk 

I had the great opportunity to attend an amazing and inspiring talk by Dr. Stephen Adams- Langley in partnership with Place 2BE, a children’s charity which provides emotional and therapeutic services to children across the UK, it is the mental health charity supported by HRH The Duchess of Cambridge. Dr. Adams-Langley gave pointers on how to manage stress and anxiety. He tapped on the importance of being able to speak out and ensure that you are able to seek for help if need be as many people unfortunately are not able to do so in the right time and sadly then it is too late. We underestimate the constant exposure we have on a daily basis of situations and circumstances that can affect our anxiety levels and our mental health; from commuting from home to work to the relationship with our line managers, personal relationships, to name a few. Therefore, the practice of any kind of sports or breathing exercises that will deviate us from resorting to any drugs, alcohol or “comforting food” is the best remedy.

At the end of the talk we were invited to a 45-minute SoulCycle ride which was the perfect thing to do for the soul, at least for mine after the informative talk by Dr. Adams-Langley.

The SoulCycle ride

The studio is lit with dim lights which the instructor alternates during the class. She also alternates with candles that are strategically located around the studio. Giving the perfect ambience to the whole studio. I loved how at the start of the class the instructor introduced herself and also asked to take a moment to say hi to your neighboring rider and introduce yourself. This is something that I never experienced or did before and it was very nice to do and I enjoyed it much.

It was my first time at SoulCycle and I have to say that it was a fantastic inspiring experience, nothing like any other spinning classes I have been attended to. The lovely instructor was very uplifting and encouraging everyone participating the class. Regardless of the level at which you are, if you attend one of these classes you will feel great. The instructor even tells you that it is up to your own level and what your body is capable of doing, but still had that element of pushing you harder so you can get a whole workout. Throughout the whole class she was interacting with the crowd asking us to participate with her and also release energy by shouting or doing anything that would make us feel at ease as this was our time and our ride. The Soul cycle ride – really connecting with your soul!

After the class I had a lot of energy and felt so good and inspired to carry on with my day.

We then were served light healthy refreshments from Daylesford Day and a received practical tote bag with coupon for a free SoulCycle class.

I must say that SoulCycle is great and can’t wait to go back and to connect again with my soul while spinning!

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