Boost your personality with a female portrait photoshoot

A woman is never just a woman: giving birth to a baby and becoming a mother alone is prodigious, but we do even more than that. We are also wives, and a wife is the pillar of her family.

Oh, but there is more: we are also workers or students.

Women raise kids, take care of their families, work and study hard. And yet, too many women do not feel confident about themselves.

In a few days, on the 8th of March, we will celebrate the International Women’s Day. On this special day, it is even more crucial that women feel confident enough to raise their voices and criticise issues regarding the status of their gender. Photographs carry the power to help us raise and remember our confidence.

I am a woman too, and I am also a mother and a photographer. During the last few years, I saw many women coming to my photography studio in Richmond, and I learned to read a bit of their personality through their eyes, smiles, and poses.

I will let them tell their story and their experience. Let’s hear from them.

The power of a female portrait

As mentioned above, women are gems with a lot of facets, and because of that, it can be very hard for them to have some space of their own.

To many of my female clients, booking a photoshoot with me is a way to take some of that space (and time) back, and I agree.

A photoshoot session represents a moment when you can look into yourself, establish a deep communication with your body and your spirit.

Let’s read Beatrice’s story.

My story started almost ten years ago. I had met Viola on a personal occasion and loved the way she talked about her job as a photographer so enthusiastically. Her amazing portfolio speaks for itself. One of her specialties is female portraits of any kind.

It had been ages since I had really good photos taken of myself. Of course, there were tons of snapshots taken by others with their mobile phones, but somehow none of them were really worth printing, let alone hang on my wall. This is when I had my first personal photoshoot done.

Doing a photoshoot with Viola is like a meeting with your own inner self. The camera lens becomes a mirror through which Viola can capture your best smile, your very intense gaze, and your most intimate feelings. Out in the streets of Rome, Nicosia and London, you forget the people around you, you don’t notice whether it’s raining or the sun is shining. Time passes unnoticed. The places Viola chooses as settings for the shootings are hidden gems, the perfect background for very special and romantic pictures. Every session is a source for new emotions. Thanks to Viola’s professional touch, the photos are unrivalled: a mixture of art and magic. I had my portrait taken almost every year, and two months ago my first family portrait session to celebrate the birth of my son Alessandro!

Why you should have that maternity photoshoot

Pregnancy is a particular moment in a woman’s life: there is a bit of worry, but it is compensated by a lot of joy. It is one of those moments that happen only a few times in a lifetime, and makes women capable of giving life to another human being.

I understand when some women have doubts about taking photos during pregnancy, but having a memory of this period of your life is far more important than that.

This is Victoria’s story.

Pregnancy has been a time full of dreams, hopes and peacefulness for me. One of the loveliest and most significant moments in my life and I came to the conclusion that it deserves to be celebrated! I decided to have my photos taken to create memories of this important time in my life.

I had seen maternity photos in the past and always thought they were a lovely memento of such a special time, but would I really have the confidence to pose in front of a stranger?

Well, I did, and it was the best decision ever. I walked through the door of Viola’s photo studio, my legs shaking, not quite knowing what to say or what to do. But I quickly felt comfortable in her studio, which really looks more like a living room, so cosy, warm and most importantly private.

Even after the photo shoot, I didn’t quite know how the images would turn out – I couldn’t imagine how things looked through the other side of the lens – but we were blown away by the end results, which far exceeded our expectations. Viola’s credentials not only as a photographer, but also a woman and mother, made me feel very at ease throughout our shoot – I felt relaxed walking around with my distorted shape completely uncovered! I have felt anything but elegant throughout this pregnancy, especially in this third trimester, but Viola’s skills have produced elegant, tasteful images, which I know I will continue to be proud of and gaze at fondly in years to come. I am so grateful to have such a beautiful reminder of us building our family.

Every moment deserves a celebration

I had a client, Anna, who was quite worried about her age. Although she was still in a splendid shape, she thought she ran out of time for a photoshoot.

Can a woman be too late for a photoshoot?

I do not think so: every moment in a woman’s life can be celebrated, no matter her age, and Anna’s story is a valid proof.

It was last year when my fortieth birthday was approaching fast. Somehow faster than any previous birthday, but that was obviously due to this big number: 40. All I could think about was «will I be officially old, then?» or «do I look 40? Have I changed a lot between 30 and 40, especially after I had my children?»

It was clear that I needed to boost my self-confidence. I wanted to feel better about myself and decided to give myself a present: a professional photoshoot. Even more: a present to my beloved partner as well. As this was obviously a highly personal photoshoot, I needed to find the right photographer, preferably a woman. I could not have found a more suitable photographer than Viola. Being a woman, a mother herself and only a few years older than me, she perfectly understood what I was looking for: stylish, sensual, natural images that I would be proud to look at forever and that made an amazing present for my partner. You should have seen the look on his face! He was so happy, impressed and proud to have me at his side.

Each and every moment of our lives is unique, and allows us to express our individuality. Every day we grow and change a little bit, and our style, appearance, and expressions change. A photo portrait is able to capture this beauty in its smallest detail and turn it into a memory that speaks about us, our story, and feelings.

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