Wonky Veg – What they are & why we love them?

Curvy carrots. Multicoloured bell peppers. Wonky vegetables and freaky fruits headline news not just because of their abundance of personality but also because over 10 millions tonnes of them are thrown away, ploughed back into the ground or left to rot every year in the UK simply because they just don’t look quite right.

So what are wonky vegetables? 

Essentially ‘wonky veg’ is the term used for this wasted food but in fact, not everything is wonky at all! Some of the produce we take at Oddbox are rejected because they are slightly too small, absolute giants, have tiny spots and scars or are slightly the wrong colour or are surplus to requirements.

This is because supermarket standards require all of our fruit & vegetables to look as perfect as possible. Some of our cherries were rejected by them simply because they were ‘too red’. It’s ridiculous.

So why should you get involved in the wonky veg revolution? Well here are our top 3 reasons.

  1. They’re exactly as healthy and delicious as any other fruit or vegetables. In fact, our customers have repeatedly said that some of our produce are the best they’ve ever tasted. Not only that but with surplus and trial varieties that farmers grow but can’t sell to the supermarkets, you actually get a greater variety of veggies to try!
  2. You’re helping solve a global environmental catastrophe. If food waste was a country it would be the 3rd largest emitter of green house gases in the world, behind China & the USA. Not to mention all of the resources going in growing the food like water & human labour only for it to be wasted.
  3. You’re supporting a fairer food system. This is why we started Oddbox and got into rescuing food waste – not only do we actually eat all of the food we grow but we pay our producers a fair price for their produce. As well as giving 10% to local charities tackling food poverty like City Harvest.

Still not convinced about the #wonkyvegrevolution?


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Remember that just like people, fruits and vegs come in all sizes, shapes and colours!

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