Surviving Christmas as a New Parent

Get the balance

It’s so important to get the balance between family time, and alone time.   Christmas is a wonderful time of year. A magical time of year. But as a mum, it can also be enormously stressful. Caught between making donkey’s ears for nativity plays, buying gifts for one and all, making sure both sides of the family are happy with the amount of time they’re spending with the grandchildren, planning 4 course meals for 20 without breaking the bank and finding new and inventive ways to position the Elf on the Shelf… it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed. You need to keep sane through it all.

Vanessa Christie, Lactation Consultant & Early Parenting Expert  says: “Be honest with family members – if you feel that you need some space make sure to tell them.  Your baby will undoubtedly be on side with you too and let them know if he or she’s had too much!”

If you’re hosting, keep things simple

Vanessa Christie  adds: “If you are hosting, try not to be too proud and keep things simple.  You have just had a baby!  There is no shame in asking someone else to help you stock up the freezer with a few meals to see you through.”

“If you are planning a Christmas event at your home, don’t take all the organising on yourself; ask each person to bring a dish to you and let them know what you would like them to bring, just so you don’t end up with four turkey curries and no side dishes!”

Keep a routine as best you can

Vanessa Christie says: “If you find that your baby is more unsettled than usual, it may well be because they are finding all the action overwhelming and are getting over-tired.  If they’re old enough to have started to settle into a rhythm of the day, try your best to stay as close to this as possible through the excitement.”

Vanessa will be speaking at The Baby Show, with MadeForMums, which returns to the ExCeL from Friday 28th February until Sunday 1st March.  It is an essential event for those about to embark on the exciting adventure of becoming a new parent!









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