We all love a good book, why not teach our kids young with our Summer holiday book list. Kensington Mums would like to thank Rebecca Dooley, founder of  London’s Little Thinkers by sharing the best books for your children this holiday. She has even made it easy for you and categorized it according to age group.

Here are the summer book recommendations!

0-2: ‘Bathtime for little rabbit’ by Jörg Mühle. A beautifully interactive book which will get your Little Thinker excited about their nightly ritual.

2 + : ‘A busy day for birds’ by Lucy Cousins. A dynamic and lively book about lots of different birds around the world! Full of cheerful rhyme for Little Thinkers to enjoy.

3+ : ‘I’m going to eat this ant’ by Chris Naylor-Ballesteros. A beautifully illustrated and hilariously fun story for any little foodie!

4 + : ‘The Book with no pictures by BJ Novak Humour’. Enormously funny book with no pictures that children (and adults!) will want to hear time and time again!

5+: The Dirty Bertie series of books are an engaging, silly and fun way to engage Little Thinkers into the world of reading. There is nothing better than a good bit of humour!

6+:  Little People, Big Dreams’. A beautifully written and illustrated series of books which discovers the lives of inspiring and outstanding people including Maya Angelou, Rosa Parks, Marie Curie and Emmeline Pankhurst. All of the people featured went onto achieve incredible things and their journey started with a dream.

7+ The World’s Worst Children by David Walliams. A wickedly funny and wonderfully surreal collection of ten stories about ten delightfully dreadful children!

8+ Winnie the Pooh by AA Milne. A beautiful classic, loved by all!

9+ The Shakespeare Stories Collection by Andrew Matthews and Tony Ross. The tales have been retold using accessible language and with the help of Tony Ross’s engaging black-and-white illustrations, each play is vividly brought to life, allowing these culturally enriching stories to be shared with as wide an audience as possible. 

10+ The Return of the Young Prince by A.G.Roemmers. A beautiful tribute to the international bestseller The Little Prince, with specially commissioned illustrations by the award-winning artist Pietari Posti.

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