Top 5 pool toys to take on holiday this year!

We all want to go away this summer and enjoy quality family time. Here are Swimming Rocks top 5 pool toys to take on holiday this year. Make sure you read their article on how to stay safe around water this summer.

1. The original Toypedo

One of our favourites, the toypedo is an amazing dive toy that can travel up to 30 feet with fantastic hydrodynamic action! Hours and hours of swimming pool fun. Highly recommended! Available in 4 different colours.



2. Cana small watering can

This Red Dot award winning product from Quut reinvents what we’ve all come to expect at the seaside. Use in your bath tub, at home, on the beach or in the garden. Two different sides double the fun as they can either spray or pour the water precisely while stimulating fine motor skills. Available from

3. Foam Water Blaster

Who doesn’t love blasting water! This foam water squirter is a compact water cannon with a simple pump action, the eliminator blasts up to 30 feet. Endless pool fun. Ready, set, soak! Available from

4. Aqua Stingray Underwater Glider Pool Toy

This pool toy is seriously one of the coolest out there. Simply adjust the wings, hold the tail of the stingray under your foot, and release to watch it glide quickly and freely through the water. Kids have a blast racing to catch it! Available from

5. Subskate: Underwater Skateboard

Great for the older children and voted Outdoor Product of the Year 2006. Just put it in the pool underwater, stand on it and use it like a skate board, balancing as you go!It’s got our vote! For ages 6+

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