Staycation in Norfolk

Margaux a mother of two and a member of Kensington Mums shares with us her latest travel review with her family to Norfolk.
From time to time it worth to drive few hours and get out of London for a couple of days! Exploring small villages, dicovering the nature and feeling a kind of slow life. Everytime we do this it seems we come back with the energy renewed! 
Driving around three hours towards Norfolk you can find beautiful villages and landscapes. But also, from October to February, it is a fantastic plan to visit the seals at Horsey beaches. This year 1825 were born! 
You have to arrive to Horsey Gap, where you will find a car park (you have to pay) at the end of the way. Once there you have to walk around one hour by the sea. It can seem a lot but it is an amazing adventure for the little ones as they climb the dunes, run around the beach, walk on the puddles, enjoy the viewings… because nature is the best playground, isn’t it? Be sure you and the kids are wearing properly clothes because is freezing at this time of the year!
There are different places were you can find the seals but is the second viewing area where you could see many of them, babies and adult seals. It was very impresive, dozens of seals laying at the beach or going in and out of the sea with their courious movements. The children were amazed and really enjoyed this day out. We all will remember this quite a long time!
With out doubt the seals were the major atraction and the main reason we were to Norfolk but further you can visit beautiful villages. It is a shame that the days are still short because you can´t spend many hours out and we had to skip some of the towns we had on the list. But Burham Market, Well-next-sea and Lavenham with its medieval houses worth a visit!