Just Breathe

Just Breathe by Power Yoga by Sarah who has recently contributed with an article on how to make time for yourself. You can read this here.

The January winter blues are finally behind us, but here comes February with its grey skies and often low energy levels. So what can you do about it? Whether your energy is low because you are sleep deprived or dealing with stress at work or home, there is one simple yet powerful thing you can do: breathe.

We are so busy doing, planning and going places that we often don’t realise we are breathing every single moment of our day. Conscious breathing requires time and patience to get used to, and when it is connected to a yoga practice, it helps create a powerful, moving meditation. The breathing technique used in yoga is called Ujjayi breath, which in Sanskrit means “victorious breath”. By breathing in and out through the nose, Ujjayi breath helps to maintain a steady rhythm, generate heat and energy inside the body and clear toxins from the system. It is the ultimate detox! Something we can all benefit from in this second month of the year, and all year round.

About our contributor

Sarah has been practising yoga for several years. In 2014 she travelled to the yoga capital of the world in Rishikesh, north India, where she was introduced to a whole new dimension of yoga, including Pranayama, Yogic Purification, Mantra Chanting, and Meditation. She experimented with several different yoga styles, before finding Power Vinyasa Yoga—her favourite practice. Sarah’s interests in self-development led her to embrace the teachings of Baron Baptiste. Ready to share her own experience with others, she completed her teacher training with The House of Yoga in Putney. Sarah teaches in South Kensington and Fulham. Her classes offer a deeper understanding of self and an on-going commitment to self-growth. 

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