DETOX – forgo fads and cleanse and reset ready for spring

We are proud to have Grace Belgravia as our expert contributor today. Grace Belgravia is London’s leading health, wellbeing and lifestyle club offering integrated medical clinic, spa retreat, gym, healthy restaurant and inspiring events. They share with us their top tips for detoxing, something we may all need at times.

Our appetite for detoxing continues to grow with new books, recipes and diets promising to cleanse and cure. It can be difficult to separate the fads from the facts and few of us have the time to filter through the plethora of information out there, but fortunately at Grace, we’ve done the hard work for you! Here we talk top detox tips, and the importance of taking time to cleanse and reset.

Each day, we are exposed to a plethora of toxins – in particular, our diet has evolved to include processed foods which our bodies are not always readily able to process. The human body has not changed significantly over the centuries but the way we eat certainly has, and the accumulation of these toxins internally can be a major contributor to diseases, weight gain, lack of energy and much more.


It’s important to recognise the benefits of giving our digestive system a break from rich, processed food which can put a strain on the gut. Grace Colonic Hydrotherapist and Naturopath Kara Mia identifies the gut as the second brain, pointing out ‘your gut is the largest storage area for Serotonin in your body, with up to 95% of the body’s stores kept here.  Most of us are familiar with Serotonin’s role in mood regulation but it also supports normal intestinal function, sleep regulation, appetite and pain sensitivity.’ As part of any detox, consider reducing your intake of refined sugars, dairy and heavily processed foods. Instead look to increase the amount of cruciferous green vegetables (rich in phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals, and fibre), add lemon juice and ginger to hot water first thing in the morning to flush toxins and hydrate, and consider eating more seasonally. By sourcing local, seasonal produce you will maximise the nutritional benefits. At Grace, our head chef Manish has been working closely with our nutritionists to create a spring menu filled with colourful, nourishing meals filled with a careful balance of macro and micro nutrients.

During a cleanse the liver, kidneys, skin, colon, and blood are able to release accumulated toxins and regenerate. Even a few days of mindful eating and exercising is enough to help reset habits, reduce cravings and help implement healthy new habits. People often find themselves energised, lighter, less bloated and stressed.

Consider too, the benefits of detoxing your bedtime habits – cleansing your routine to minimise technology and prepare the mind and body for quality sleep. Scientists continue to emphasise the importance of sleep in maintaining good mental and physical health and Grace neuropsychiatrist, Dr Rosenzweig highlighted in a recent #GraceTalk (a series of conversations held at Grace Belgravia with leading experts, doctors, academics and authors on important health matters); ‘lack of sleep can leave us lacking in energy, forgettable, moody and irritable; at worst, it may lead to fulminant depression, anxiety disorders, and severe health problems such as diabetes, stroke and heart disease, and even start of dementia’.

Most importantly, it’s recognising and understanding your unique needs. A diet, vitamin infusion, lymphatic drainage massage or workout plan that’s transformed a friend won’t necessarily work for you. At Grace we use DNA Fit testing to provide an insight into an individual’s unique relationship to different foods, toxins and the environment – as well as their response to exercise, injury risk and recovery rates. This means we can equip clients with the knowledge they need to affect real change, recommending the most appropriate classes, food and treatments based on an individual’s goals and unique DNA profile.

For further details on 3, 5 and 10 day cleanses at Grace click here. Each programme begins with a consultation to determine the most beneficial medical treatments and spa therapies for you to experience alongside nourishing Grace meal plans and personal training sessions. Visit – for more information.