Kensington Mums reviews Personal training app Peach

We recently ran a competition for a personal training session with Peach and Emma was the lucky winner. She shares with us her experience after receiving a personal training with Peach.

Thank you to Kensington mums for my wonderful prize of a training sessions with Peach founder Tim Hayes.

My session was held at my home in Kensington and lasted for one and a half hours. Tim was friendly and put me at ease immediately. We started the session with a chat about what my training goals were and I explained my background in terms of the training and exercise I both previously and currently enjoy doing. We then discussed my diet and talked through nutrition. He explained that with his clients he asks them to send him photos of their meals so he can comment on them.

I then asked Tim to explain a little bit about himself and his background. Listening to his story made me understand how he has got to where he is in the fitness industry. He has a real depth of knowledge and understanding of how the body works and can therefore apply this to get the results his clients want to achieve.

We then began the session which was a unlike any personal training session I have done before. It was very much biomechanics and strength training focussed designed to work me in all body planes. The toughest section was press ups which he demanded perfection on, indeed each exercise had to be perfect including Pilates roll downs, which was a challenge when no hands were permitted to help with balance. He was very encouraging throughout and although he pushed me he was obviously aware of my limits as the sessionprogressed. I particularly enjoyed the balance poses he worked through with me and the squats which were very different to any squat I had done before! He explained the reason why we were doing each exercise which I really liked and indeed motivated me to push myself further as I understood why it was beneficial to me.

The session ended with a foot massage which was well needed and made for a nice post work out reward.

I cannot thank Tim enough for his session. It was motivational and made me realise I am stronger than I believed I was. Following the class, I attended my usual yoga session and managed to do a side crow and headstand well away from a wall, something I had not done before.

He certainly showed me from that the mind is a powerful tool in any form of exercise and anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

Tim very kindly put me in contact with a trainer from the Peach team who he thought I would be suited too. I had my first session with him today and he was brilliant. Many thanks, Tim for all your help!

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