Return to Glory Review

Kensington Mums had the pleasure to work with Return to Glory, London’s leading mobile massage and mobile beauty service, in preparation for a photo shoot with the talented Naomi Gabrielle Photography and luxurious ladies lunch in the heart of Kensington, London.

In the run up to our appointment the service was excellent, with confirmation emails and frequent reminders via email and text message. Our appointment was set at 10:30am on a Wednesday morning at the Hilton Kensington Hotel. As the clock turned to 10:30 that morning, we received a call from concierge letting us know that the ladies had arrived and were on their way up to the room. With an incredibly busy schedule that day and no time to waste, it was perfect that they arrived so punctually.

The girls turned up with big smiles and their full gear for hair styling and make-up.

On previous occasions and photo-shoots we had our hair and make-up done by separate girls, where one girl specialises in hair and the other in make-up but we thought it was great to start and finish with the same make-up artist/ hair stylist together at the same time, as there was the two of us.

The space in the room was limited but the girls didn’t complain they just got on with it, finding their space and setting up perfectly for the job. Leanne took care of Nathalie and Simone of Dina. Leanne and Simone were both very professional. They asked us what kind of make-up and hair we wanted for the day and what we were going to wear. Together we played around with the style of hair to make sure both Dina and myself were able to get across exactly the look we wanted to achieve. We both started with make up, which was the best start.

I felt very comfortable with Leanne. Throughout the ‘treatment’ she explained and guided me through the whole process, making sure I was ok with everything she was using before she applied it on my skin. This is important for Mums who have sensitive skin or allergic to certain products. She used her hands as canvas to show me different tones of foundation, eye colours or blush and when it wasn’t clear enough how it would have looked on me, she kindly asked to use my hands so that we could see the colour on my skin tone and match it accordingly.

It was great to recognise many of the products and brands she was using to do may make up, most of them I have myself or had used before such as MAC, Benefits, Estee lauder and Clinique. I told Leanne I wanted to keep a natural look. I don’t normally use much make up especially during the day so I didn’t want to look much different in a photo shoot or have too much make-up on for lunch.




Leanne started by cleansing my face which felt great and refreshing. After cleansing, Leanne started working on my eyes. She used pink and light brown shades, brown liner for my eyelids and a touch of black mascara for my lashes. She then worked on a base for my face. I don’t normally use foundation but being pregnant and dealing with hormones at the moment I asked her to help me cover as much as possible, the redness and breakout I had on my chin. She took out some really funny colours such as green and a brownish/yellow which I immediately told her I wasn’t sure about. She explained how green is the opposite of red and therefore would work perfectly as a base to eliminate any redness. As it all made sense, I trusted her and enjoyed watching the amazing results I was hoping to see.  For my cheeks she kept a light pink tone which I liked and same for my lips, a natural pink shine. 

Dina opted for the black smokey eye look thats suited her complexion and olive skin tone. Simone asked Dina’s preferences before starting with make up, and being a Mum means dark circles had to be covered (well at least for her). She then used black eyeliner for eyelids and black mascara for lashes.  For the rest of the face and since Dina already has a tanned natural skin tone, there wasn’t much need for extra foundation or colour, except around the eyes. This unified the skin colour and then proceeded with finding the perfect tone for her lips. Dina went for reddish dark lipstick which brightened up the whole look.
Both therapists were super attentive with using new brushes and mascara & eyeliner tips every time.

What was great is that we both finished with make up at the same time and hair swiftly followed. For the day, I wanted wavy hair and since my hair doesn’t stay in curls or waves for too long, it was better to leave the hair to the last minute, just before the photo shoot for best results. Leanne had heated up the curlers at the start of the morning so they were now ready to use. She sprayed heat protection products in my hair and started curling them. The result was just as I was hoping for. I wanted my hair to be half up but not look too elaborate which she did perfectly just by moving a few curls away from my face and fixing them at the back of my ears using hairclips.
Dina also opted for wavy hair using curling iron which achieved great results and hair that lasted days, keeping it quite simple but glamorous at the same time; straight at the top but with amazing volume and a big wave at the bottom.
I thought Leanne and Simone did a terrific job with both our hair and make-up.















Both girls were highly professional in their jobs and great to work with. We had a giggle and thoroughly enjoyed our pamper morning. We highly recommend Return to Glory services to any mums out there who is in need of hair and make-up for a special occasion or anyone who just fancies a pamper treatment in the comfort of their own home.

Et voila, our look by Return to Glory Team. What do you think?

Return to Glory Hair and Makeup artists usually need 24hrs notice for their appointments; however their Massage and Beauty teams can be booked with as little as 2hrs notice. If you can’t see the availability you need in your area contact Return to Glory Customer Services and they will do their best to make your request happen.

Return to Glory are not just Kensington lovers; they cover all postcodes within M25.

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Picture credit: Naomi Gabrielle Photography