Motherhood with Liz Earle

Since organising our last pamper event at Liz Earle in Chelsea, we wanted you to know more about Liz a mother of 5 (yes 5!) a bit better on her motherhood journey and mumpreneur success, celebrating 20 years of  her beauty brand Liz Earle.


Picture credit: Patrick Drummond

  1. How go you juggle work and life balance with 5 children?

I get the really important family dates such as school plays and concerts, holidays, parents’ evenings, etc into the diary at the beginning of the year and then schedule work events around them wherever possible. That way family always comes first. I also rely on a series of small notebooks in which I try write down everything so I don’t forget, whether it’s thoughts for a boardroom agenda or what needs picking up for dinner on the way home. I find forgetting something important amidst the juggling can compound any guilt, so being a compulsive list-maker seems to work for me! Also – go easy on yourself. We can’t always get it right all of the time. As long as most of it gets done and most people are happy most of the time, I would consider that to be a success.

2. What was the inspiration behind your new Liz Earle Wellbeing Magazine?

I’ve always loved my research and writing, so after the beauty company was sold back in 2010, I’ve given quite a lot of thought to getting back to writing about some of the most important issues on creating health and beauty from within. Liz Earle Wellbeing, my latest venture, provides a wealth of information on all how to feel good through better food and healthcare, how to look good with the best beauty advice, and also how to do a little good along the way with links to charities and organisations. I’m keen to promote ethical enterprise and philanthropy right across the board – from pasture-fed food to Fairtrade jewellery. I’m very lucky to be working with an incredibly talented team of researchers, academics and experts, who’ll also be sharing their knowledge and know-how, and we’re busy working behind the scenes on some ground-breaking health and wellbeing issues. Our new issue has just launched in Harrods, Selfridges and main WHSmith stores, as well as online subscriptions – all very exciting!


3. Top tips for a mum starting her own business?

I have always believed in crawl, walk, run – basically don’t rush anything and take your time to make sure that everything you do is right for everyone involved. I’ve used this motto throughout my businesses. When I was working on new product formulations for Liz Earle Beauty Co., some products were literally years in development to make sure the formulations met our very strict standards. We formulated well over a hundred versions of the Botanical Shine Shampoo to get it absolutely, exactly right – which is why it is such a brilliant formula. Many larger commercial organisations might not have been so patient. Don’t feel pressurised into doing something just because someone’s saying it has to be now. Sometimes you have to take a deep breath and say “well if it has to be now, it has to be no.” Going too quickly is not always the strongest way to build a business


4. What is your top beauty tips for busy modern Kensington Mums?

Book in a bit of regular ‘me-time’ and schedule in your diary so you make time for this. It may be a facial, an exercise class – even just a brisk walk to get the blood circulation going. It’s important to save a small amount of the day for yourself to refresh and re-charge. I keep my skincare and beauty regime really simple – my mantra is cleanse, tone and moisturize – and never, ever use anything that foams on the face…

5. What is your favourite hang out in London with your children?

I’m a big fan of Battersea park. I love the fact you can walk along the side of the Thames with a glorious river view one side and the beautiful parkland the other side. My children also love the bikes and trikes that are for hire – very easy and safe to whizz about in the fresh air, exploring nature and having fun.

6. How do you define quality ‘me-time’?

It really is any time that I can spend doing what I love best – so that also includes working (especially my research and writing, which I love). Also cooking – I don’t have time to cook much during the week, but I do takeover the kitchen at weekends and have fun recipe testing and baking with the children. I find that really enjoyable and fun – definitely quality ‘me-time’ even thought it’s highly shared with others too!

Picture credit: Patrick Drummond

7. What does motherhood represent to you ?

Living life to the FULL

8. What do you love most about London?

I love the wide variety of life’s activities – the light and shade of city life. I enjoy the contrasts between the bustle of busy streets to the quiet sanctuary of galleries, churches and many other sacred spaces. I also love the huge range of amazing foods on offer – I can spend hours in Whole Foods, Selfridges food halls and London’s many farmers’ markets, as well as being able to dip into the best international restaurant cuisine in the world.

9. Given we are all about embracing Motherhood, what advice would you give a first time Mum?

Don’t believe everything you read! It’s actually not that hard – it’s just a very different focus. Get as organized as you can before your baby arrives as you will not believe how little time you have once your bundle of joy arrives! Accept every offer of help – especially from family and friends, so you can give yourself a bit of time-out. Buy a breast pump! Get your new baby used to drinking expressed milk from a bottle from week one – then you can always leave a feed or two for your husband to help with – good for him, good for baby and good for you too.


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