Pass, Fail, Borderline – Your Child’s Next Steps

Help them to take time to reflect and breathe!

Failed – It may be hard for your child to see past their grades if they didn’t do well, it can feel like the end of the world and this can lead to some unhealthy habits. Make sure that your child is taking time to grieve and reflect healthily, let them come to terms with what has happened but at the same time that they are not punishing themselves. Encourage a casual discussion about what has happened and let them know that you’re there to help them.  

Borderline – So your child may have just passed or just failed, what they should not do is be too hard on themselves. They either just made it or were very close – they aren’t in the worst position and they need to remember that for next time. Help them reflect on what they can improve on so they are in a more comfortable position.

Passed – Your child has passed and you should be proud! Allow them to take some time to relax and treat themselves, they deserve it. Once they have taken time to process have a discussion about what went well and how they can ensure this happens again.

Advise them to talk  

Failed – You may find that your child wants to shut people out of frustration, this can be very unhealthy. What you should do is let them know that you are there to help and talk when they are ready and if they don’t want to talk about it with you right now that there are other people; family members, teachers, friends that are available.

Borderline – If your child was close to passing or failing the most important thing to do is for them to talk to their teachers on how to get a solid pass, they can help your child come up with a plan to get there.  

Pass – Having just passed it’s worthwhile to advise your child to talk to their teachers on how to keep it that way – they will know exactly how to get the best out of your child so they can do even better!


Failed – If your child has failed it may be down to the way that they have prepared. The most important thing for them going forward is that they plan their study schedule effectively, this will include priorotising those subjects they did not do well in and making sure they’re setting daily goals.

Borderline – What those who are on the borderline of grades need to do is be able to track their progress and see that they are working towards a goal. They should make a list of what they found hard last time and start there.

Passed – It’s easy for children to get lazy when they’ve done well, you should help your child realise that they need to keep the momentum up – let them know that they need to keep their good habits up as it’s easy to slip if they’re not cautious.

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