Pampering yourself with Le Salon beauty app

As mothers, we always are in need for some me time, whether its ready a book, a walk in the park or a little pampering experience. Kensington Mums recently booked with Le Salon beauty app. Their vision is to “create the salon of the 21st century: On-demand beauty delivered by skilled therapists working on their own terms”.

About Le Salon App

Le Salon app offers a wide variety of high-quality treatments in the convenience of your home. Make the time for me time. Their services includes manicure/pedicure services, waxing, spray tan services, men services, wedding services and add ones such as eyebrows  wax, hand and foot massage just to name a few.

” Beauty with a Mission”


Booking Process

You must create an account in order to book a treatment. You can either login to or download their App from where you can search your treatment of choice. They have a whole variety of services: manicure and pedicure, waxing, and everything for the eyelashes. However, the best is that you know you will receive your treatment in the comfort of your own house. This for a mum like myself makes it an extra-ordinary experience! From the onset it has been an impeccable experience with Le Salon; from the moment of booking until having my treatment.

Once I selected the treatment I wanted – Eyelash Lift, I immediately got an email confirmation stating that they had received my booking and their professionals have been notified and they would contact me as soon as they found the appropriate therapist available for the time and date I selected to have the appointment.  They mentioned they will take less than 2 hours to confirm my appointment and they did! Just 2 minutes after I received a confirmation with the name of the therapist including the date, time and service I am booked in for. The best is that I was able to immediately add this to my calendar directly from this email. They also included recommendations on how to prepare to get the perfect lashes done by their therapist i.e.: a well-lit place, somewhere I can lie down and not to wear any make-up.

Included as well a code to share with my friends so we could both can enjoy a free manicure on our next booking.

Before the Appointment Day

I was impressed to received a courtesy email 2 days before the treatment stating they are aware that it was my first appointment with them and since it is coming up soon they wanted to know if I had any questions as they understand that the concept of home beauty is relatively new and would like to answer any concerns I may have or answer any questions.  So they invited me to write back or use their live chat on their website/app.  They also suggested to take a look at their treatment guide where they explain in full detail each service offering aftercare tips and more.  

The day before the appointment I received a nice text message reminding me of my scheduled appointment including the date and time and wishing me to enjoy it and to have a wonderful time. They also noticed that it was my first booking with them.

The Day of the Appointment

My therapist/Salonette was Francesca a lovely lady indeed! Francesca arrived punctual, which for a mum like me is key. She immediately suggested the best place to have the treatment and asked if I was comfortable, as I will lie for at least 45 min to 1 hour until the treatment was completed. She explained the whole procedure and answered all the questions I had. She is very professional and knowledgeable, Francesca really made me feel at ease and encourage having the eyelash tint as this enhances the eyelash lift. Indeed she was sooo right! It made a whole difference so please do book in both treatments Eyelash Lift with tint.

She took the time to show me and explained carefully the whole procedure on how she selected the perfect contour that fitted perfectly with my own eyelashes and showed me how it all works.  I asked to take a before picture so then we can compare and show you the ‘before & after’ eyelashes. She proceeded to put on an apron and was very polite and sweet throughout the whole treatment. She verbally guided me through the whole treatment explaining what she was doing. Francesca added a special eyelash Keratin that closes the cuticles of the eyelash and fixes the lift.  She also was taking pictures so I could show you all!!!

Whilst she was working very hard on fixing hair by hair of my eyelashes on this curving device she was telling me the aftercare that I needed to follow to have longer lasting results. I must avoid water on the eyelash, steam and sweating – so no gym and not exercising for at least 24 hours. It is best not to use waterproof mascara and also any oil-based make-up remover. Following these instructions will ensure that the lift will last at least 4 to 6 weeks.

I had the opportunity to relax for 1 hour, which is priceless, and simply drift away in my thoughts until she finished with the whole treatment that lasted an hour including the eyelash tint. It really went by very fast and in no time the lovely Francesca cleaned up and packed all her things and was ready to leave.  

After Treatment

Francesca sent me a lovely message when she left saying “Thank you for having me!” this is what I call a great customer service!

I was in shock to see how amazing the results are I never imagined even if I read that it is like having “fake lashes” that the results will be as amazing as they are. Please refer to the pictures to see for yourself.

I highly recommend Francesca and Le Salon as they really know how to treat their customers.  Every single touch point I had with Le Salon was impeccable and felt cared by them. I will for sure book again with them.

Le Salon app is available to download on the App store and Google Play.