Post Mum Tum and other bits at Beyond MediSpa

Having a baby is one of nature’s most beautiful gifts, but the toll it takes on your body can take years to correct. Every woman reacts to pregnancy differently from stretch marks, excess pockets of fat, to slow circulation on the legs resulting in cellulite or simply just a cesarean scar. Never fear there are treatments that are clinically proven to reduce all the above.

Stretch Marks and Scarring

This is one of the most popular side effects of having a beautiful baby. During pregnancy your hormones are constantly up in the air and changing, this can soften the fibers of your skin making it more prone to stretch marks. As your baby grows stretch marks may appear on your tummy as your skin is stretching. Some women also get these on their thighs and breast as they increase in size.

When a stretch mark is red it’s the best time to treat, after giving birth and when breast-feeding has finished there are treatments that can rid you of your stretch
marks. Red stretch marks have an active blood flow meaning that whatever treatment you have on them it becomes more reactive, when a stretch mark turns white the treatments will still work however you may need more. Sublative is the answer to stubborn stretch marks and post surgical scars. Sublative pushes radiofrequency waves deep into the skin stimulating a collagen reaction, the collagen is then produced and pushes the stretch mark/scar together making the skin tighter and smoother.

Extra Pockets of Fat

Everyone has a part of their body that they aren’t comfortable with, whether it be before or after childbirth. Extra fatty bits are every woman’s worst nightmare
but look no further Coolsculpting has come to the rescue. Coolsculpt is fat freezing at its finest, using advanced technology to kill fat cells using your body’s
natural waste systems, the treatment is completely safe and only targets the fat.

The machine works by using “cups” with a small vacuum in, the cup is applied to the skin and whatever fat is in that cup gets frozen between -11 to -13 degrees, this kills the fat cells, and then within a 3 month period your body naturally gets rid of it! Resulting in a more sculpted, defined body. What makes it better is that the result is permanent as long as you maintain your weight.

Mum Tum tightening

If you are lucky your tummy will just bounce back post baby and you will have no problems, unfortunately everyone is not always as lucky as that and we end
up with a slight over hang of stretched tummy skin. Exercise does help with this but again sometimes it just needs an extra boost to get it back to the way it was
that’s where Exilis comes in. Exilis is a non-invasive radio frequency and ultrasound skin-tightening machine. It helps stimulate the elastin fibers in the skin to ‘ping’ back into shape but also creates new collagen around the area to tighten and lift the skin. No pain, no discomfort just a warming sensation. A bonus to Exilis is that it also contains a small fat burn so if there are any excess
fat cells there we can get rid of them too. It can also be used all around the body
and even on the face.

I see new mums within the clinic on a regular basis stressing about how and when can they get their old bodies back and I wanted to reassure you all that it is
possible. Every treatment is by assessment only and a consultation is a must, we can then create a body journey for you and within 3 months your pre baby body
will be back!

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