A New Way to Holiday – Nourishing Your Child with Purposeful Play!

At Holidays with Intention: Frontyard Retreats!

We believe travelling with our children provides huge growth and development, for the adults as well as the children. We have created our retreats to support you in your parenting journey. We wish to give you the time and space as a family, and as individuals, to grow, relax, nourish and nurture yourselves and each other.

Our children’s program is led by Ping Ong-Coates. She is a mother of three, has been an early childhood educator for over 15years and is the founder of Frontyard Playschool.

The children’s program is inspired by the Montessori Philosophy.  The prepared Environment is where we begin. Before the retreat, we ask you to answer some questions about your child so that we can better plan the program for their needs and experiences. The environment and the activities are set-up so that the children can move, function and explore freely, without having to remain dependent on the carers to do for them, what they can do for themselves.

We give the children the time and space to choose their activities & tasks, the ability to help themselves (through dressing/ feeding/ preparing). We keep in mind the child’s developmental level and guide them towards age appropriate choices. We encourage lots of movement to develop gross as well as fine-motor skills. This could be indoors in a play-space, or outdoors in nature.

Through the prepared environment, we give children freedom within boundaries. We allow them to be curious, make friends, take age appropriate risks, make mistakes and learn from experience. In this way, independence, self-esteem, confidence and self-belief grow.

Observation is essential in guiding our direction of activities for the children. By observing the children, we gain clues as to what they need, and respond to them accordingly. As such, the program will be in flow and according to the specific group of children that we have on site. An active group may spend more time outdoors in active play, in dance, music making, movement or playing wild games. A quiet group may have more indoor time with art & crafts, storytelling, kid’s yoga and engaging sensory activities. In all cases, we aim to connect children to nature and the environment, and to themselves. The activities will change day to day depending on moods, sleep patterns and any number of factors. Observation will help us to follow the child’s lead.

The Absorbent mind of the child simply absorbs everything in the environment by experiencing it and being a part of it. The good news is that as adults, we don’t have to do so much to give our children these experiences… but at the same time, we have to Be conscious in our behavior and language so that our children are absorbing that which is positive. These principles are relevant whether we are hosting toddlers, preschoolers, tweens or teens.

During our 6N7D retreats, you will have time to unwind, unravel, reconnect and awaken to yourself. Each day, during the morning program, children get freedom from their parents, to Play, Move, Explore and get wild. Parents get uninterrupted time to reconnect and nurture themselves through Yoga, nutritious food, rest, play and conscious communication. Each afternoon there is free time to enjoy the pool, explore the neighborhood, go shopping, take a trip to the beach, get more pampering or just hang out individually or with others. Nothing is compulsory.

There are two workshops scheduled during your week with us. Workshop themes range from Conscious Parenting & Parenting Tips to, Inner child Connection (Reconnect with your inner child to awaken your sense of adventure and enthusiasm, to clear past programming and strengthen your ability to relate and communicate with your children) and Being Fearless. (make Fear your ally to attain clarity, regain confidence and take action to achieve your goals)

The workshops are curated especially to meet the needs of the group as Sa & Ping spend the first two days connecting with each attendee and their children, quietly listening for what is being asked for in terms of life and parenting tips & growth.

Our co-facilitator Melissa(Sa) Indot is the Founder of Intuitive Music Programming, and a trainer of Serenity Vibration Healing. She’s a modern day shaman, and will guide and support you through this journey of human Being-ness. Join us for a week of fun and adventure, rest and relaxation.

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