Why having a Mums only holiday is good for you

Being Mum is one of the hardest yet most rewarding jobs in the world yet so little time is devoted to actually exploring what we need to achieve the potential for ourselves and our little ones.

For those who follow us on Instagram, would have seen our stories of a recent trip we did to beautiful Greece. This trip was different, it was a mums only holiday.  As mothers we are skilled at multi- tasking, but we are especially skilled at putting ourselves last. We prioritise our kids’ and familie’s needs ahead of our own, and we constantly look out for others, neglecting to replenish ourselves. We too often forget to fit our own oxygen masks. This holiday came on time, as I was also celebrating my birthday with my friends who are also mothers themselves. It seemed like the perfect birthday gift to me. None of this would have happened without the support of my husband, mother and sister. Having a support network around you helps, so you can take time for yourself.

Here are our top reasons why mums should take a mums only holiday

  1. You get to reconnect, reset and repair. Our lives are overcrowded and overscheduled and this means there is very little time for yourself.  Motherhood is 24/7, demanding and you are always on the go. This is your time, to take care of you.
  2. You learn to reflect and  reconnect with yourself, set priorities on important things in your life and reassess on things that are going wrong. In our modern, fast-paced world, our mind is a busy one with so many tabs open at the same time, with no switch off button. Being on holiday offers that quiet space for reflection and self-exploration, something that is hard to do in your daily mummy routine.
  3. You get to loosen up and be the real you and get to let some steam out by just having fun and doing the things you enjoy most.
  4. Being around other like minded Mums especially if they are close friend, helps you to have more fun and most importantly in being you! Enjoying yourself, laughing and talking about anything you like (this was sometimes the kids and sometimes deeper conversation) is a fantastic feeling.
  5. Do not feel any kind of guilt, even if the society and the community around you does. It is very important for a mothers to look after herself, her wellness and her wellbeing. It is not selfish, it is a necessity.
  6. You get to sleep! No need to elaborate on this point in peace and quiet.
  7. You take leave from your parenting role. This means while on the Mums only holiday I did not, clean, cook, bribe, or brake up fights, clean dirty noses or wipe any bottoms. The only thing I enjoyed doing was capturing every moment.
  8.  You get to rediscover a new or lost hobby or sport.
  9. You get to create happy memories for yourself, and thats a wonderful thing to invest in.
  10. And last but not least, and maybe I have mentioned this before, you get to be you. Not mummy you, or wifey you, but the person that is really you!

Getting away on a mums only holiday, does wonders for you, your sanity, your equilibrium and your family. Because of course you miss your offspring – and coming home to them is always something to look forward to. I was re-energised and ready for back to school routine and chaos. One thing to remember, there is no such thing as a perfect mother, we are all doing out best. You should live to your own expectations and no one else’s


Have you ever gone away on your own since becoming a mum? Do you make time for yourself?