Muesli on Toast | Back to School recipe

The latest ‘on toast’ breakfast trends, these muesli on toast recipes are giving muesli its groove back. The delicious and health boosting Lizi’s Super Muesli range is packed full of added vitamins and minerals as well as natural ingredients and is also vegan friendly.
These toast recipes reflect the four delightful Lizi’s Super Muesli variants; Glow, Cleanse, Boost and Focus, all of which contain different specific good-for-you ingredients designed to give you a boost for whatever you need to face that day.
This is great for kids who want to prepare their breakfast in the morning, the steps are super easy to follow.

Instructions for all variations

1) Toast the sourdough to your preferred shade of toast.
2) Apply healthy spread (almond butter/coconut yoghurt, cream cheese, or low sugar chocolate spread) onto the sourdough.
3) Layer on the fruit toppings (sliced apple/blueberries/strawberries/banana slices).
4) Sprinkle with muesli and enjoy!

Ideas of toppings from featured image 

[TOP LEFT] Sourdough Toast with Almond Butter, Thinly Sliced Apple  & ‘Glow’ Super Muesli.
[BOTTOM LEFT] Sourdough Toast with Coconut Yoghurt, Blueberries & ‘Boost’ Super Muesli.
[TOP RIGHT] Sourdough Toast with Cream Cheese, Strawberries & ‘Cleanse’ Super Muesli.
[BOTTOM RIGHT] Sourdough Toast with Low Sugar Chocolate Spread, Banana Slices & ‘Focus’ Super Muesli.
Recipes created by UK dietitian, Nic Ludlam-Raine (@nicsnutrition) in partnership with Lizi’s  Lizi’s Super Muesli range is available in Waitrose stores and Ocado, RRP £4.00.