Family Day Outing at Boxpark | Review

Kensington Mums reviews

For those of you who still haven’ visited this interesting venue with locations in Shoreditch, Croydon and in Wembley I highly recommend it. It is a huge venue that houses plenty of different street food traders, some very original ones you won’t find on the High Street , entertainment and bars. It is a very cool and trendy place to spend a good time either for lunch, dinner or an evening out with friends or family.

Kensington Mums was invited to experience a fun Sunday afternoon at Boxpark Wembley. Boxpark Wembley specifically has circa 20 different street food traders that visitors can chose from. You name it, and they have that specific cuisine to cater to all different palates. From Japanese all the way to American and South American! So, if you go with a group of friends each one can select their own type of food and you are not stuck with one cuisine type.

We enjoyed the Japanese restaurant called Mitsuryu. I loved the way they were able to cater to my “non spice” palate and accommodate me by using regular mayo as opposed to the spicy sauce that my sushi roll came with. This is something that I really appreciate, as not all food traders will make alterations of their menu so I must say they were very accomodating indeed.

Boxpark Wembley Stadium is the only one that introduced “PLAY” unlike the other Boxparks. “PLAY” is a dedicated space boasting a range of super cool and fun activities such as Axe Throwing, yes you read it right; at Bad Axe you can become or feel like a true Canadian for a full hour. They are the world’s biggest axe throwing club.

They also have meetspace VR, now this is out of this world – it is the best VR experience ever! They also have VR escape rooms and VR arcade. We needed to select one experience and so we decided to try out the meetspace VR and I can tell you I don’t regret this decision as it has been an WOW experience or like they say a mind blowing one!
This is not your usual VR this is completely different from all the other VRs I have been before. You really need to try this out with a group of friends. You can be a group of 8 max or simply one player. Clearly if you go with a group it is much fun as you are able to compete as they give you the scores at the end of the game of how many people you killed and how many times you died during the game. As soon as you go to their space you are greeted and explained thoroughly how the session will unfold. You are then provided with what looks like a back pack, your VR glasses and the headphones with a microphone and the most important the gun. You are then directed by the organiser of all the movements you need to do and where to stand as the game begins. You can select from 5 different games ranging from “surviving the zombie apocalypse” to “roaming the deep space and battling rogue drones and robots”.We decided to go with the Singularity (30 min game) as the other one seemed to be as scary as the Outbreak Origins that is one with Zombies.
It is even a workout as you are carrying the backpack that is somewhat heavy and also with the gun you are constantly moving and ensuring throughout the whole 30 min you are not killed but killing all the enemies that are coming after you! A super fun 30 min that went by very quickly and the most impressive one ever as you really feel you need to go up a hill walk through a very narrow path giving you the sensation of being very high in the sky, so not recommended for the ones with vertigo, I really have to say I enjoyed it very much!

All the entertainment can be enjoyed as a walk-ins, private parties and team building events.

Wembley Box Park also has a “PlayBox” area where you can play day-glo ping pong, pool, shuffleboard, and football tables. They also have live screening of sports events to reality shows and are now having screenings to enjoy with the little ones for only £3 and a drink is included. Check out their website for the specific screenings.

Definitely a must go with the whole family, friend or even alone as there is something for everyone. Check it out!

PLAYBOX closes at 11pm Mon – Sat, and 10PM Sun.

PLAYBOX operates a card only policy – they dont accept cash and are following all the Covid- 19 measurements.

If you’re lucky enough to look under 25 you will be asked to prove that you are aged 18 or over when you buy alcohol.

MON—SAT / 11am—11pm
SUN / 11am—10pm

Olympic Way, Wembley Park, Wembley, HA9 0JT