Expat Mum in London | Evelini Quarrell

How to be an expat Mum in London. Expat mother of two shares her takes on juggling work and life balance as a mother.


  1. Please introduce yourself: Name, what do you do & how many children you have.

My name is Evelini Quarrell. I’m the founder and host of the podcast The Foreign Mum, which aims to inspire mums from all around the world who either are already in the UK or are interested in coming. I have a four-year-old boy and a two-year-old girl.

  1. How do you manage to juggle work and life balance as a mother?
    It’s hard! I came to the conclusion that in order to make a business from home work together with motherhood, some sacrifices had to be made. I had to start waking up at 5am to plan, research, record and edit before my children wakes up. That means I can get three solid hours of uninterrupted work. Sometimes I have to do some bits around the children whilst either dealing with their noise or plant them in front of the telly but it’s not every day. Most my interviews are also done in the evenings. Other than this, my attention is all theirs to either play at home and go somewhere fun.
  2. What top tips would you give to any working mum?

Work hard but don’t forget there will always be jobs out there but your children will only be little once. Make them your priority before you regret missing out on it.

  1. What do you love most about London?Do you have a favourite spot with your children? I love how green London is and I love doing outdoor activities with my children. As we live in Bermondsey, near Tower Bridge, we are often hanging out by the river, otherwise we go exploring one of the million cool playgrounds that London has to offer.






5. How do you define quality ‘me-time’?

It took me a while to learn but now it can be going for a jog, taking a bath, watching something I actually want rather than children’s cartoons, going out to restaurants with friends or even on a day hike!

6. What is your favourite & least favourite thing about parenthood?

Favourite – Knowing that you have a little piece of you to love, to teach and to cherish for the rest of your life. Least – When you can’t reason with them or having to clean up all their mess!

  1. Tell us something people don’t know about you.

I’m Brazilian and I used to be a TV reporter in Brazil. I also have some rather weird fingers!

  1. Given we are all about embracing Motherhood, what advice would you give a first time Mum?
    Be patient. Every stage is phase that will pass. Enjoy each as best as you can as it comes. Your baby does not want to manipulate you. They cry for your love and because they need you, not to annoy you. Be patient and love deeply.


  1.  I’m a mum and…














  1. Finally, please let us know what you love most about Kensington Mums?
    It’s a great resource to keep up to do date with the latest events and news that matters to us mums. Also love reading the interviews of other like-minded mums!

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