Limited Edition Stokke Xplory Review

Kensington Mums was delighted to review the New Limited Edition Stokke® Xplory® in True Black around London this Summer. Maya, a Kensington Mum of two was the lucky one to review this exclusive pram for Mamas and Papas.


As soon as the pram was delivered, I loved it. The black and white stripes look great, making it a very stylish design for my little one. I have two boys but I think that If  one day had a little girl, the pattern would work perfectly for her too. The pram included the stroller chassis and seat, carry cot, cup holder, shopping bag, parasol, rain cover and sunshade. The umbrella sunshade was great to protect my baby from the sun, perfect for Summer in London and days at the park.

What I also like about this pram is that it is limited edition and the white stripe Style gives it that striking look and makes it a truly classic combination that is both timeless and fashion forward. Stokke delivered the pram exactly on time and putting it together was straightforward, which is always a promising start. I made sure to test it at home to avoid being stuck with it outside and found that it folds into different positions very easily in four steps, this was very important for me as I am often out and about alone with my toddler and baby.

I really enjoyed pushing it around town and, most importantly, my one year old son just LOVES IT! He likes how quickly I can turn him around, facing me or to the street & parks depending on where we are or where we are going. This is definitely a strong bonding position for parent and baby. From the moment he sat in his new Stokke pram, I could tell he was more comfortable than he had ever been in any other pram before.

I used to have to rush to places or have to run errands and within 30 minutes he would start fussing and want to get out of his pram.With Stokke Xplory he now enjoys long walks, which I could not believe.

He has repeatedly enjoyed over 2 hour naps in it, AMAZING! When he wakes up he isn’t cranky but as energised as a 1 year old can be.Many times while my husband and I were driving he fell asleep in the car. I would lift him and put him in the Stokke Xplory, he just continued to sleep like in his bed.

I live in Kensington and take my two boys for walks through crowded High Street Kensington on my way to Holland Park and Kensington Gardens during the week and it can sometimes get a little tricky having to push a pram and make sure my other son doesn’t wonder off. With the Stokke Xplory, I can easily push my baby in the pram with just one hand while holding to my son with the other hand as its light and easy to handle. I was surprised about the space as the ‘storage’ bag at the bottom looked small when I first opened it but I was happily pleased to see that I could actually fit all of my food shopping, so simple and easy.

The technical aspects of the The Stoke Xplory are great too: sturdy and has a smooth ride when overcoming bumpy streets. I enjoyed how easy it was to steer. The brake has a hard grip, quick and easy to implement and the seat belt is simple but safe, easy to clip in and undo quickly if needed. My boy event came with me to my tennis lessons. He is always great fun to be around.

When using the car, it is very easy to fold and fit in the car trunk although I did worry it wouldn’t fit in all car types, given the height of it, it makes it slightly longer than the average pram. For several reasons, my favourite aspect about Stokke Xplory is the height of the seat. The seat is high enough for my boy to enjoy the scenery around him. We can have  that special eye contact at all times and feel closer. I can speak to him without me having to bend down every time to his level.   I must say that the high positioning of the seat also gives me a major sense of security. My son can get very scarred when dogs approach him in the streets or get too close to him in parks. For me, its great that he isn’t too close to smoke from the engines too.

We got to use the pram all over London this summer with my family and overall I had a great experience reviewing the new Stokke Xplory limited edition for Kensington Mums. I love being a Mum, and especially a Kensington Mums. London has so much to offer. As for the pram, no matter what your sense of style, classic, cool or rock ‘n’ roll – the Stokke Xplory in True Black with the exclusive limited edition black and white striped Style Kit makes a truly classic combination for your little one.

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