Motherhood by Nathalie Esfandi

  1. Please introduce yourself: Name, what do you do & how many children you have.

Hi I’m Nathalie, I have 3 kids, 15, 12 and 10. I am the founder of SmartMats. SmartMats are unique, fun and educational children’s placemats which expand children’s knowledge with great storylines and fun distinctive characters contributing to fulfilling and enjoyable family mealtimes for all.

  1. How do you manage to juggle work and life balance as a mother?

There is no such thing as a typical day in our household.  I try to be as present as possible in whatever I am doing. For me organisation is key. I try to plan ahead as much as I can and stay organised with countless lists. I really enjoy taking my kids to school and picking them up when I can as I find this is a special time to talk. Family mealtimes are a priority. Life is hectic so these moments where we all come together, talk about our day and enjoy each other’s company (not always J)  over a leisurely meal is very precious to me. Since the lockdown, with kids and husband working from home and helping with home schooling it has become more challenging to achieve any sense of balance, but thankfully my working hours can generally be flexible. I try to do as much as possible in the morning when kids have structured lessons and then catch up if need be in the evening.

3. What top tips would you give to any working mum?

It has always helped me to have clearly defined and achievable goals.  This comes hand in hand with realistic expectations and targets. For me list making and getting everyone in the home on board with plans and what needs to be done is a huge help.

Lose the guilt, be kind to yourself. Make sure that you have time for yourself everyday. Once I have had my workout, quiet coffee or walk in the park I am so much more able to deal with everyday stresses and occurances in both work and family.

One on one time with each child even for only ten/fifteen minutes a day to chat, play or relax together can be so beneficial. I suppose it’s about quality not quantity.

  1. What do you love most about London? Do you have a favourite spot with your children?

I love the cultural diversity in London which is shown in one way through all the different, fantastic restaurants. I love the buzz and energy of living in this city where there is always so much to do, from visiting interesting museums to theatre and shows. Above all, I love the parks in London. My favourite is Regent’s Park. Hours have been enjoyed there both with my family or alone.

  1. How do you define quality ‘me-time’?

I think ‘me-time’ is very important. This is usually spent having a quiet coffee, working out, or in a hot bath at the end of the day. Romantic dinners with my husband or fun girly nights out is also the best way to relax and unwind.

  1. What is your favourite & least favourite thing about parenthood?

I love seeing my children grow into independent beings with their own personalities and interests and watching how the relationships develop between themselves.

I love the cuddles.

I love seeing the world through a child’s eyes and learning from them.

I hate having to repeat everything ten times and constantly nagging before I am listened too!!

  1. Tell us something people don’t know about you.

I often do a happy dance when I sell a SmartMat pad.

  1. Given we are all about embracing Motherhood, what advice would you give a first time Mum?

Be kind to yourself. Trust your instincts. You are part of a community of mums and we have all been through the same difficulties and hurdles. It all passes. Enjoy the good times and try not to stress about the small stuff. It’s ok if it’s not perfect.

  1. I’m a mum and……

I am proud and grateful!












  1. 10. Finally, please let us know what you love most about Kensington Mums?

It is a wonderful community to be part of. Connecting and supporting mums through bringing us all together. I love the large variety of articles which are timely and relevant as well as fun and helpful.