Fun Ways To Educate Your Kids

Think Smart, Play Smart, SmartMats

The Story and Background

Nathalie began on her SmartMat journey a couple of years ago. As a mum of three kids, now 15,12 and 10 she shared our daily struggles of entertaining them without reaching for an IPad!

Nathalie always valued and looked forward to family mealtimes. A time where the family comes together. A shared family time which provides an opportunity for family members to stay connected, build better relationships and encourage healthy eating habits. Previously these were snatched moments at the end of a hectic day but now more than ever we have time to sit and enjoy our family’s company over a leisurely meal. However, often exhausted parents and cranky kids can make even the best intentions seem futile.  Nathalie realised that there really wasn’t any aid to amuse and educate kids at the dinner table. This is where SmartMats come in handy! Families can work and play together with SmartMats!

 “As a baby, toddler and child food blogger I am always looking for clever ways to engage little ones at the dinner table. I discovered SmartMats and fell in love with their concept. Their mats make mealtimes fun and are designed to help your child learn and develop. No parents should be without them.”

(Miriam Cooper, mimisbowl)

What Are SmartMats ?

“Genius idea of SmartMats. If you are looking for something to keep the kids entertained whilst also mentally stimulating.”

(Lucinda Robbins, The London Mummy)

Meet Mimi, Bobo, Coco, Sunny, Liv and Rex, the SmartMat family, who will take your child on many wonderful journeys. Including a dinosaur trek, a day on the farm, outer space as well as many others. Teaching them through play, numeracy and literary skills, as well as about the world around them.

SmartMats are fun, colourful paper placemats used by kids, with games and activities based on the National Curriculum, within a broad and balanced educational context keeping our kids learning and growing through play.  Every SmartMat includes a quote or a mantra designed to inspire and nurture – promoting kindness, generosity and a positive attitude based on the PSHE National Curriculum.

SmartMats and Social Responsability

Through donating 10% of profits to the NSPCC, SmartMats don’t just do good in the dining room but help children all over the UK.

Nathalie believes in the importance of environmental preservation. Through showing kids that we care about our environment we encourage caring for nature as part of their lives. Helping them develop a firm ecological mindset. Enhancing their ability to learn about their surroundings and boost their interest and awareness so crucial to both the present and future. All SmartMats are made from 100% recycled paper and are FSC regulated. The paper comes from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious and economically viable.

How Can I buy SmartMats?

SmartMats can be purchased through the website at There are various pads based on different subject matter for your kids to learn and explore. Pads can be purchased in either A3 or A4 sizes. Every purchase comes with a pack of crayons. Each pad has a mixture of different mats. As the pages in the pads progress, the mats become a little bit more educationally challenging and advanced. There are 21 mats per pad and 35 mats in the bumper pack.  Each SmartMat pad can be used by kids between the ages of 2 and 10.

SmartMats can also be used and enjoyed in many restaurants around London. Once restaurants reopen you will be able to enjoy SmartMats at all Bob’s Cafés (Queen’s Park, Muswell Hill, Mill Hill, Belsize Park), Hook Restaurant’s  (Camden and the O2 ) and La Brasseria (Marylebone).

Exclusive Offer for Kensington Mums

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