Me and My G-Bear Book


Today’s featured article is by  young girl who shares with us her talent for writing at a young age.

Kensington Mums are great supporters of young talent. Here is her story.

Hello! I am Vasilisa Dubova. Today I can say that I am a writer and illustrator and I am honoured  to present you my book about a magical toy grizzly bear. I wrote this book at the age of 13 and it took me a year to illustrate all the episodes in it.

The idea of writing and illustrating a book came to me at the age of 11 when I lived in Israel and studied at the International School. It was a time of freedom, joy, happiness and inspiration! It was considered cool to stand out because of your talent, and not cool to be the same, like everyone else. I found a lot of people who inspired me. I was lucky to have an amazing English teacher who gave us a lot of creative tasks like writing stories.

Vasilisa Dubova young author and illustrator of GBear Book

I have always liked writing. I have written a few poems in Russian and some in English. At that time I had the opportunity to improve my English and it opened like a new door for me, which allowed me to explore English literature in the original and helped me to write this story.


Everyone asks me how the G-Bear story was created. One day I woke up feeling that I wanted to write a story about a magical bear, a bear who helps children to go to sleep and makes their wishes come true. I took my own favourite toy bear as a prototype. Since I was two this was the only toy that could help me to go to sleep. I have always thought he was magical. I called him Grizzly because of his appearance which is like a real grizzly bear. I created the characters – Lisa, a 5 year old girl, and her parents, and created a place for them to live very similar to my own home. It was sometimes sad to write about my feelings of being trapped at home when I was sick with no friends to play with. So I began to imagine the scenario that could make my main character happy, to make her smile, and G-Bear helped me to do it! All the episodes of their life and adventures were so easy to put on paper that I wanted to create more and more and continued the book into the second chapter. I was so intent on making Lisa happy and healthy that I let the magic work in the book! I love making wishes at Christmas and my heroine does the same. The only thing she wishes for is to get well and be healthy. That night she dreams about walking in the park and a picnic with her bear. And the magic works! G-Bear makes her wish come true!


I would be happy if children reading my book believed in magic, believed that their dreams can come true! There is no doubt about getting well. Let them see in my example that magic does exist and if you believe in it, it will always be with you!


About the Book.

The touching story of a girl and the teddy bear that becomes her true friend and soul mate. It is the the only toy she wants to hug to fall asleep. After many years of useless attempts by her parents to find the right toy for her they find G-Bear, a magical bear who helps children to sleep and makes their wishes come true.

More information on her website where you can also purchase the book.