Togle UK : Delivering M&S groceries within 1 hour!

Most people I know do their groceries shopping online. They say it is ‘quick & easy’ and with the busy mummy schedules that most of us have these days, it becomes one less thing on their long daily ‘to do’ list.

I can totally understand that but I always thought that when you shop online your day revolves around time slot the company provide you with for your delivery, which is something I don’t particularly like. As my days are often made of last minute planning with the kids, when I am given 4-hour window for a delivery to happen I easily get frustrated and sometimes panic about it.

I guess I am lucky enough to live 2 minutes away from a high street with three of my favorite & major supermarkets, several organic shops and a fishmonger I adore, which makes my food shopping trips enjoyable

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But still, my friends have called me ‘crazy’ for not doing online shopping and when I find myself pushing my 9 month old daughter in the pram and have my 2.5 yr old son jumping up and down on the buggy board yelling “can I have this, can I have that” to everything he sees in the supermarket isles, I must agree with them, I am CRAZY!!! But for some reason, the pleasure of picking my own food, walking through supermarket isles and being inspired to try new things is something that had previously always won me over instead of online shopping.

Feeling the way I do about online shopping meant that when Togle approached us, I had mixed feeling about the whole thing.

“Togle is a new only grocery service launching delivering Marks and Spencer Food. Residents of West and South West London can now enjoy M&S delivered to their door with shopping delivery guaranteed within an hour”. Togle deliver from the high-end supermarket chain- one of the only large grocery retailers not currently attached to a delivery service. Already present in W8, W14, SW3, SW5, SW7 Togle is expanding fast”.

I had no idea what to order or what I wanted and more than anything I just didn’t want to have to sit around waiting for a delivery for the rest of the day. But Togle promises delivery within the hour. That combined with my love of M&S, I started thinking of all the tasty food they have and ideas for dinner started coming to my mind. It didn’t take long before I was sitting in front of my laptop clicking away.


I don’t just love M&S now, but I love Togle too. Yes, I’m afraid Togle might have just converted me to online shopping. As mentioned before, I had mixed feelings about this but was 100% impressed by the wonderful service Togle provided which made it a great first time online shopping experience for me.

The website is very neat and user friendly, making it easy to navigate. I was looking for specific ingredients to make a seafood & vegetable stir-fry and found everything very easily. The images on the website are shown large and clear as well, which makes it easier to purchase exactly the products you are after. (I was looking for carrots and there are 3 different types offered. Looking at the image helped me decide which would have worked best for the dish I wanted to make, which is the main reason I normally like to go pick my groceries in store instead of online).

The website’s home page has a long tab half way down the page with all store department titles. When you scroll over them a long list of products appears listed and if you click on it you are directed to the page of the desired products. The options you are given are exactly the same as the ones you would find in the supermarket, it’s like navigating through isles: ‘Meat & Fish, Dairy & Eggs, Pantry, Bakery, frozen food and so on.

Once you have decided you want a certain item you scroll on the image and an ‘ADD’ image appears for you to click on. Next to it there is a minus and plus sign in case you need to remove the item or if you wish to purchase more of that same product. As you shop, you can see the number of items you have purchased in a trolley on the top right hand corner of the page.

Once I had all the items I needed for my stir-fry, I checked my trolley and proceeded to check out. Once all details are inserted you can select your preferred delivery time. I requested delivery within the hour. It was exactly 12:10 when I clicked to confirm my order and turned off my laptop to get on with preparing lunch for the kids and a friend visiting.

The kids were playing; I was setting the table with several things bubbling on the fire whilst my friend was helping me when the doorbell rang. “Who’s that?” asked my son. “I don’t know baby” I replied surprised to the doorbell ringing. When I went to answer a young man with a big smile answered “Its Togle Delivery”. WOW! That was quick, I thought to myself.

The deliveryman was wearing a black uniform with Togle Logo on it and the delivery came in a cotton reusable shopping bag with a big colorful Togle Logo on one side. He offered to come in and help me put my groceries away, which I found very kind but I declined his offer. I thanked him and off he went. As he left I giggled, his black top had ‘SEE YOU VERY SOON’ printed on the back which I thought was a fun detail to the service.


When I got back to the kitchen with my dinner in the bag I checked the time and it was 12:40. I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least. Togle delivers AND happily helps you put your groceries away for you within the hour, WHAT JOY! Oh and they also added a box of gluten free double chip chocolate chip cookies to the order as a gift, what else could one Mummy ask for?


All together I thought Togle delivers a great service to the highest standards. And for those who aren’t so sure about online shopping for groceries, DO IT! I found it just as inspiring surfing away through online departments and did it all with a cup of coffee by my side, WHAT A TREAT!


Finally, Togle co-founder Abay Kuzhagaliyev said “We strongly believe that nowadays, people should’t be waiting long for their groceries to be delivered. M&S do not offer delivery but as a top supermarket we believe delivery is something people want.” And we say THANK YOU! Thank you for making this happen and for letting us try out your wonderful new service.

*Togle has a minimum spend of £25 and delivery charge applies. Visit for your next online grocery shopping and enjoy a generous offer of £10 OFF your first order!

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